Virginia School Counselor Association Conference

March 2-4, 2022

Postponed from October 2021

Embassy Suites and Hampton Roads Convention Center
1700 Coliseum Drive
Hampton, VA 23666


Thank you for attending the VSCA Conference. We hope to see you next year!


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Since 1933, The Barry Robinson Center has been improving the lives of children. As a premier nonprofit organization, we’re keenly focused on our mission that gives families hope. On our 32-acre campus in Norfolk, Virginia, we offer exceptional behavioral health residential treatment for military-connected youth ages 6 to 17. We have served families from 40 states and several other countries. Our residential program includes a medical team, mental health professionals, licensed and accredited school, and therapeutic recreational activities to provide holistic treatment for each child. Besides the residential program, our innovative community-based services include therapeutic foster care and ABA services.

The Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters consists of 41,000 of the most skilled and highly trained construction workers in Delaware, The District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Virginia, and West Virginia. Apprenticeships are conducted by specialty experts in several carpentry trades at state-of-the-art training facilities in our region.

For more information please contact Christopher Cohn, Event Coordinator, via email or at 732-803-9881.

With RV sales increasing and more and more Americans taking to the road to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, skilled RV technicians are in high demand. The RV Technical Institute’s hands-on training and instruction, created by top RV industry experts, provides the experience and expertise needed by manufacturers, dealerships and repair shops nationwide.

For more information please contact Curt Hemmeler, Executive Director, via email or at 800.664.0154.

When our community is faced with freezing blizzards, global pandemics, and security challenges, the Virginia Army National Guard is there to answer the call. We rescue the stranded. We help the sick. We protect the threatened. Join the Virginia Army National Guard and stand-up when your community needs you the most. Your part-time service can make all the difference in the world and at home. Plus, you get paid career training to learn job skills that translate to the civilian world and other great benefits. Visit for more information.
Carter Machinery’s nationally recognized and fully accredited apprenticeship program provides individuals with a strong mechanical aptitude who are graduating high school or exiting the military with the tools necessary to begin a rewarding career as a construction equipment technician.
  • High school graduates welcome to apply
  • Approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs; Carter is certified to provide training and education to eligible veterans who are hired into the program.
  • Approved by Virginia’s Department of Labor
  • Apprentice employees receive 2,000 hours of on-the-job training and mentoring, plus 400 hours of classroom and online instruction.
  • Carter connects with local students in grades 11-12 by working with Virginia vocational-technical schools to promote opportunities within the skilled trades industry.
For more information please contact Debbie Squires, Corporate Development Supervisor at or at 804.823.1213.

Save today for a brighter tomorrow!

For more than twenty years, Virginia529 has helped millions of families plan and save for future college expenses. Now, its tax-advantaged 529 savings programs can help you save for all future higher education expenses, K-12 tuition at private and religious schools, student loan repayment and more.

Visit our booth to learn more or to invite Virignia529 to your schools next event!

For more information contact Brittany Bullock, Marketing Associate via email or at 804.767.1324.

At Virginia’s Longwood University—a U.S. News & World Report top 10 public university in the South—students benefit from exceptional academics, a commitment to affordability, and countless impactful moments that add up to a life-changing experience. From landing a dream internship to assisting faculty on groundbreaking research, these flashes of discovery can launch a career or inspire a new passion. What’s more, our transformative liberal arts curriculum creates strong leaders, while real-world learning opportunities develop the skills that are most in demand today. For more information please contact, Sarina Hartman, Associate Director, at 434.395.2594 or at
SchooLinks is a modern college and career readiness platform with a user experience designed to facilitate a focus on whole-student outcomes. Our platform helps counselors to guide students in developing their Academic and Career Plan by aligning career exploration and postsecondary preparedness activities with Virginia’s legislative initiatives. With technology and features that enable data-driven decision-making at every stage, SchooLinks allows counselors to make a positive impact — when it matters most. For more information please contact, Adam Frillman, District Partnerships, at 314.443.2458 or at
Since our founding in 1909, Milton Hershey School has helped children break the cycle of poverty. We are a place where students can be their greatest selves, meeting their potential with life-changing opportunity. MHS thrives as a cost-free, private, coeducational home and school for more than 2,100 boys and girls from families of lower income across the U.S. Students receive an excellent education, nurturing home life, college and career readiness support, and comprehensive health and wellness care, including medical and dental services, food, and clothing.

At the Virginia Lottery, we take playing seriously. Fun matters. Excitement matters. And so does the education of Virginia’s youngest residents. It’s the reason we play so enthusiastically. Every time a ticket is scratched or numbers are selected for the big jackpot, winners in education are created all over Virginia. Last year, the Lottery contributed more than $765 million to Virginia’s public schools.

For more information please contact, Eileen Rodgers, Community Relations Specialist, at 804.692.7774 or at

QuaverEd, a world leader in online curriculum development, is a Nashville-based provider of innovative education resources, including Social Emotional Learning, General Music, Full-Day Pre-K, Health, and more! Quaver’s comprehensive curricula uses the power of interactivity, humor, and music to engage today’s students. Professional Development and College programs are also available. For more information please contact Khalid Daniels, Director of Sales, via email or at 615.975.2030.

Harmony SEL is a social and emotional learning program for Pre-K-6 grade students, accessible online and at no cost. Harmony fosters knowledge, skills, and attitudes boys and girls need to develop healthy identities, create meaningful relationships, and engage productively by providing SEL learning resources, tools, and strategies.

For more information please contact Larryelle Phillips, Strategic Accounts Advisor, via email.


The College Board is the nation’s largest college-going organization, helping millions of students navigate the transition from high school to college each year through programs like the SAT, AP, and BigFuture.

For more information please contact Valerie Keating, Director, K-12 – VA, State and District Partnerships via email or Libby Brown, Associate Director, K-12 – VA, State and District Partnerships via email.

SCUTA is used by school counselors and school districts to develop a data-driven, evidence based school counseling program. It follows the ASCA National Model® recommendations and offers confidential, comprehensive documentation and use of time analysis system. It is an invaluable tool for School Counselors who want to do best practice, keep accurate records and develop a data driven school counseling program. School Counselors using SCUTA, have the ability to clearly illustrate the nature of their work and school needs with supervisors and stakeholders For more information please contact Cathy.
The College Funding Coach® was founded in 2002 to help families better understand the complex strategies for saving and paying for college, making higher education more affordable. Through our free comprehensive educational workshop, Little-known Secrets of Paying for College, The College Funding Coach® team has helped thousands of elementary, middle and high school families save and pay for college without going broke! During this time of uncertainty, significant changes to the FAFSA, and lingering questions, The College Funding Coach has an unwavering focus on adding value for the parents, counselors, friends, and families we know and meet. For more information please contact Andrea Ashton via email or at 703.430.0789.
ACT is a mission-driven, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people achieve education and workplace success. ACT is trusted as a leader in college and career readiness, providing high-quality assessments grounded in 60 years of research. ACT offers integrated solutions designed to provide personalized insights that help individuals succeed from elementary school through career. For more information please contact Marchelle Horner, Account Executive, via email or at 919.606.3495.
DialCare is a virtual and telephonic counseling service. You can give your students ages 11 and older access to mental health assistance no matter where they are. Members can use their phone, tablet or computer for sessions with mental health professionals from the comfort of their home or on the go. Let our mental health professionals help give you peace of mind. For more information contact Becca Bean, Assistant Vice President via email.


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Digital Learning: Technology Tips for the Busy School Counselor

Andrea Burston

Wednesday, March 2nd | 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

SPEAKER BIO: Andrea Burston is a former high school computer/technology teacher turned elementary school counselor. She is the school counselor for Wake County Public Schools working at JY Joyner IB Magnet Elementary School in Raleigh, NC. Andrea is also the writer of the jyjcounselor blog where she shares her enjoyment of her career as well as many counselor ideas with school counselors from all over the world. She loves using technology and is always looking for new and innovative ways to integrate technology into her school counseling program. Andrea has presented at various conferences and workshops on using technology in counseling programs.

ABOUT THIS SESSION: Learn how to use digital resources such as Google, online storage and online communication tools to simplify your comprehensive school counseling program, to instruct students as well as design technology enriched learning experiences for all students. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to become familiar with digital learning competencies and engage in interactive activities.

MTSS and School Counseling: How Do They Fit Together

Emily Goodman-Scott

Wednesday, March 2nd | 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.


SPEAKER BIO: Dr. Emily Goodman-Scott is an Associate Professor in Counselor Education and the School Counseling Coordinator at Old Dominion University, in Virginia. As a previous school counselor and special education teacher, Dr. Goodman-Scott has been in education for nearly 15 years. She was a 2018 recipient of the Top 40 Under 40 award for her region, is the former president/chair of the Virginia School Counselor Association, and enjoys speaking at national conferences, invited state association workshops, and school districts trainings. Dr. Goodman-Scott is the lead editor of the 2019 book A School Counselor’s Guide to Multitiered Systems of Support, and has co-authored the I Can series of children’s social stories.

ABOUT THIS SESSION: Is MTSS (PBIS/RTI) currently implemented in your school? Is your school considering implementation? Would you like to learn more? MTSS is widely implemented throughout the country and school counselors are often an integral part of implementation. Come to this session to discover the alignment between MTSS and Comprehensive School Counseling Programs (e.g., the ASCA National Model), gaining strategies to maximize your efforts. Work smarter, not harder. The presenter will share school-based examples for implementation and alignment.

FreeKind: Human Trafficking Identification, Readiness, and Early Intervention

Joy Dudley and Deanna Longjohn

Wednesday, March 2nd | 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

SPEAKER BIO: Joy Dudley is the Victim Services Director for Freekind (formerly Virginia Beach Justice Initiative). In 2014, she became a volunteer advocate for victims of human trafficking after attending Freekind’s Victim Advocacy Training. While serving as a victim advocate, she co-wrote and assisted in piloting Freekind’s Offramps jail program, which has reached over 350 incarcerated women to date in five city and regional jails. She also previously served Freekind as its first case manager and subsequently developed the organization’s current case management program and policies. Freekind’s case management program has identified and served approximately 250 unique survivors of commercial sexual exploitation.

A strong advocate for justice, Deanna Longjohn joined the team in 2021 to run the award-winning Prevention Project™ program, coming from Richmond Justice Initiative to work with the merged organization. Deanna holds a master’s degree in human rights law from Regent University School of Law. Her career in the anti-trafficking movement has included working for the Center for Global Justice and Richmond Justice Initiative; an internship with International Justice Mission; and volunteer work with the Safe House Project, Samaritan House, and Freekind. Deanna currently lives in Norfolk, Virginia with her husband and dog.

ABOUT THIS SESSION: Freekind’s Youth Service Training equips counselors, teachers, social workers, and others with the tools needed to recognize human trafficking, understand the stages of grooming and risk factors, and know how to best intercept situations and prevent future ones. We believe that equipping youth support personnel is making an investment in the most important safety net for students within schools and youth programs.

These trainings are delivered interactively and contain PowerPoint, video, and powerful relevant case studies, implemented in sessions ranging from 1.5 hours-3 hours. Freekind’s trainings are highly-rated and include resources from the U.S. Department of Education that are intended to address and help schools respond to human trafficking, recognize the problem, and take the appropriate course of action. Alongside a small group of professionals from around Virginia, Freekind was requested as a subject matter expert to consult and collaborate with the Virginia Department of Education to create the Guidelines for Training on the Prevention of Trafficking of Children. Freekind’s Youth Service Training meets and exceeds the standards recommended by the Department of Education. While Freekind has strong roots and partnership with our state’s Department of Education, our Youth Service Training is applicable to states across the nation.


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The Burnout Cure

Chase Mielke

Thursday, March 3rd | 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.


SPEAKER BIO: Chase Mielke is an award-winning educator, writer, and speaker focusing on preventing educator burnout and increasing student engagement. He has been awarded multiple honors, including being a Michigan Teacher of the Year nominee and a Allegan County “Outstanding People for Education” recipient. For his work minimizing the achievement gap with at-risk high schoolers, his Positive Psychology program received a Michigan Association of School Administrator’s “Winner’s Circle Award.” The program teaches concepts of positive emotion, engagement, meaning, and accomplishment to hundreds of students each year, especially at-risk high schoolers. Consistently, students reduce failure rates by at least 50% each year.

In addition to modeling excellence as an educator, his writing has been featured on WeAreTeachers, Huffpost, Edutopia, and EdPost. As an engaging, nationally recognized speaker, he has traveled across the nation to speak with students and educators on topics of resilience, mindset, applied neuroscience, and positive psychology.

ABOUT THIS SESSION: Join Chase as he presents The Burnout Cure. Chase was moments away from quitting teaching — a career he loved. He was burned out, bitter, and beaten by the external challenges of modern education. But he didn’t quit. He doubled-down, using the same science of well-being he had taught his students for over a decade.

In this engaging, humorous, and heartfelt talk, Chase shares his experience as a veteran educator and provides key insights on how the science of small, positive moments creates thriving adults, learners, and communities. Your audience will be empowered to take care of themselves, so they can better take care of the young adults who need them.

Learning Outcomes:

  • OPTIMISM – Refocus on the good in order to reignite our love for teaching and parenting
  • OWNERSHIP – Take control of our own well-being through simple, research-based actions that boost purpose and happiness
  • MINDFULNESS – Be present and turn minor moments into major momentum to thrive personally and professionally
  • COMMUNITY – Cultivate positive relationships with kids and adults to build supportive and resilient cultures.


Chase will also be presenting a breakout session.

How Do You View the World? A Discussion of Diversity and Equity

Robert Jamison

Friday, March 4th | 12:00 p.m. – 1:50 p.m.


SPEAKER BIO: Robert Jamison is currently the Coordinator of School Counseling Services at the Virginia Beach City Public Schools. He has numerous years of experience as a School Counselor and also as a School Counseling Department Chair. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Virginia as well as his Master of Science in Education in School Counseling and his Education Specialist degrees from Old Dominion University. Mr. Jamison supports school counselors across the state of Virginia as a member of the Board of Directors for the Virginia School Counselor Association. And, he recently served on the Virginia Commission on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, established by Governor McAuliffe in Executive Order 69. Mr. Jamison has spoken at numerous state and national conferences. Whether conducting professional development activities or supporting students and families, Mr. Jamison enjoys working and collaborating with all stakeholders.

ABOUT THIS SESSION: Join Robert as he presents How Do You View the World? A Discussion of Diversity and Equity. The goal of this introspective session is for participants to think about diversity and equity through a more expansive lens. The presenter will review common terms used in schools, classrooms and organizations and how these terms relate to our behaviors. The session will also review things to consider when working with staff and students, and personal stories related to these topics will be shared. Participants will be asked to participate in individual, small and large group activities throughout the presentation.


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3 Ways To Be An Inclusion Ally for the LGBTQ+ Population

Lisa Koenecke

SPEAKER BIO: Lisa is a former secondary school counselor, Past-President of the Wisconsin School Counselor Association and has served on ASCA’s Board of Directors. Currently, she is an adjunct instructor at Lakeland University training the next generation of school counselors. She has given a TEDx Talk and is a best-selling author of Be An Inclusion Ally: ABCs of LGBTQ+. With a Diversity & Inclusion Certification from Cornell University, Lisa is an international presenter and has keynoted numerous conferences both virtually and in person. She uses humor and engagement to help everyone Save Lives!

ABOUT THIS SESSION: Join Lisa as she presents 3 Ways To Be An Inclusion Ally for the LGBTQ+ Population. Pronouns, bathrooms and support plans, oh my! As school counselors, we need to have the courage, the heart and the brains to effectively support ALL of our students. In addition to the LGBTQ+ population, we also need to understand intersectionality. Race, religion, and neurodivergency can all be part of the equation. Let’s pull back the curtain and be the Wizard to save lives!

Learning Objectives:

  • Show how to Advocate for Systemic Change
  • Shift Mindsets & Behaviors of Leadership/Admin
  • Shape Policies Collaboratively to save lives

Supporting our Transgender, Transgender Non-conforming, and Non-Binary Friends!

ABOUT THIS SESSION: Join Lisa as she presents Supporting our Transgender, Transgender Non-conforming, and Non-Binary Friends! Some of these terms might be new to you, some might not. Whether you are a rural, urban or suburban school counselor, I promise you these terms are on their way to your space. Lisa will provide you with free resources and plans to implement the next day. From the Trevor Project to Pronouns, let’s keep this population alive and help them to Thrive! Not sure what to say when a student comes out to you? Not sure how to support a parent/caregiver of a TNC child? Join us and learn from an LGBTQ+ Subject Matter Expert, Best-Selling author who has given a TEDx Talk on this topic. Oh, and we’ll have fun!

Learning Objectives:

  • Know the proper vocabulary for our LGBTQ+ friends
  • Learn what to say and how to show your support for this vulnerable population
  • Understand laws, policies and trends to become an ALLY!