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Ginger Robinson Bennett


Ginger Robinson Bennett recently retired after 39 years of working with students, both as a teacher (17 years) and as a counselor (22 years). Her experiences of being in the classroom as a teacher and then as a Character Educator in elementary schools and also, her most recent experience, as a high school “social/emotional” counselor, make her a great resource to assist teachers and counselors in their daily work with students. For many years she also worked as a Child Care Consultant. Now, she finds her greatest love is in assisting and affirming educators in the “daily grind” of “making a difference” in the lives of students. Her presentations involve some of her own personal experiences, along with a vast array of trainings and research into student behavior. Ginger will always promise the two L’s: Learning and Laughter!

Ginger's Sessions

Intensity! Educators, today, know a lot about that word. We see families and students struggling with personal problems and relationship disconnections. It is our job to listen, support, advise, refer, etc….all while maintaining our own sanity and emotional health. Sometimes, the burden of that job becomes too much, and we begin to dream of being a greeter at WalMart! What can we do when we are feeling like the stress is taking over our being! Join Ginger as she invites you to explore your own ways of coping with the intensity of life events that you must address with your students and their families. Self-care is a huge part of your own success as an educator in a high-stress position. Come learn more about self-care and be refreshed with laughter.

Research is showing us that more and more children are sad and anxious than in years past. What’s causing it? How can we recognize it? When do “typical, normal” worries turn in to deep fears? School counselors and teachers often see “signs” of depression and anxiety, but certainly don’t “diagnose!” Today’s young people are vulnerable to masking their pain with alcohol and drugs, as well as other unhealthy behaviors. We must find a way to provide the support our students need. There are many things we can do as counselors to help them. Join Ginger as she offers ideas about recognizing these concerns and practical strategies to help kids “conquer” some of their fears and anxieties.

Everyone has conflicts. Managing conflict is a skill that all emotionally competent people need. Join Ginger for a lively discussion of personality types and communication “tools” that students and adults need in order to solve & manage their conflicts. Her presentation will remind you in clever ways of how to use your people skills to make positive connections with students, co-workers, clients and family members.

39 years of working with children and teens have taught Ginger a lot of NUMBERS! This session was inspired by an experience Ginger had when she was DJing a former student’s wedding reception! When 20 year olds remembered so many counseling concepts that they had learned in elementary school, Ginger went home that night and cried! The next day she created this session to remind counselors that they are making “A Lasting Impression” on their students! Simplistic in presentation, but profound in information.

Have you noticed everyone in your office “needs” something? They need a schedule change, help with family changes, dates of important events, advice on classes to take, coats, socks & underwear, etc. And, even more impacting, they need an ear to listen to problems; home, academic, social, etc.

So, it’s true Counselors don’t typically have “happy people” in their office. Trying to be the “problem-solver” for everyone (students, teachers, parents, administrators) will take its toll on your mental and physical health, if you haven’t learned how to find balance.

Join Ginger to discover how to show our “clients” our love and concern, but also have firm and fast boundaries, so that we can let go of the stress and anxiousness that goes along with helping professions. Learn you really can take care of others while caring for yourself!