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Connecticut School Counselors Association Conference

May 27-28, 2021

Thank you for attending the CSCA Conference. We hope to see you next year!

The Connecticut School Counselor Association is soliciting proposals for presentations promoting evidence-based programs in the domains of academic, career, and social/emotional development or highlighting the latest techniques and practices in school counseling. Presentations showcase proven programs, current research, or skills of value to counselors, pre-K to postsecondary as well as district personnel, graduate students and counselor educators.


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Preference is given to sessions that relate directly to the work of school counselors, the ASCA National Model/Connecticut Comprehensive School Counseling Framework (CCSCF) and to sessions which focus on actively engaging participants in the virtual conference setting. Also, presentations that pertain to these domains: Academic, Career, and/or Social / Emotional. All presentations should include evidence that supports the impact of the program or service.

Targeted Areas May Include:

Enhancing your Comprehensive School Counseling Program

  • Building a strong school curriculum from ASCA and/or Connecticut Comprehensive School Counseling Framework (CCSCF)
  • Creating an effective group counseling curriculum and implementation strategies
  • Building and advocating for your school counseling program using data, technology, and social media
  • Incorporating mindfulness into your school counseling program
  • Closing achievement and opportunity gaps
  • Providing postsecondary awareness for all grade levels
  • Engaging community and family through effective strategies
  • Advocating to reduce systemic barriers to student success
  • Creating developmental lesson planning for elementary, middle and high school
  • Incorporating Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Advocating for legislative policy advocacy for school counselors
  • Building racial equity in practice
  • Engaging educational teams for academic student support

Individual Student Planning

  • Implementing prevention strategies for at-risk youth
  • Organizing effective counselor roles with SRBI and multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS)
  • Developing coping strategies for students
  • Incorporating social and emotional learning with behavior interventions
  • Addressing diversity, inclusion, and multicultural competency
  • Supporting LGBTQ+ youth
  • Advising college/career pathways (including changes to admissions process, financial aid process, school to career pathway, trade school)
  • Supporting undocumented youth and most vulnerable populations

Responsive Services

  • Implementing and managing 504 Plans and updates
  • Engaging in effective School Counselor intervention for restorative practices
  • Implementing school and student crisis planning and best practices
  • Providing trauma informed counseling
  • Applying techniques for working with elementary students (stress management techniques, mindfulness, and other tangible strategies)
  • Building racial equity in practice
  • Counseling in a pandemic (dealing with emotional fallout, attendance/engagement, virtual school counseling tips/techniques)

Professional Support

  • Creating boundaries in your practice
  • Creating your network
  • Advocating for your school counseling roles
  • Incorporating mindfulness and stress reduction techniques into daily life
  • Providing strategies for the job application/interview process for new counselors to the field

Other Notes: Presenters are not allowed to promote their products and services during their session. If you are interested in promoting your products and services, please apply through the sponsor or exhibitor application.

Must Submit Your Vitae/Resume: In addition to filling out and submitting the form below, applicants are REQUIRED to submit a PDF of their vitae or resume, which includes their degree, educational training, certifications and licenses. 

CSCA will convene a committee to review and select Conference sessions. You will be contacted by NCYI, the organization managing this conference, to let you know if your proposal is accepted.  We carefully consider all proposals in an effort to share successes in issues facing today’s youth.

Deadline for Submission: March 19, 2021

Notice regarding proposal acceptance will be sent via e-mail by early April.

All communications regarding your breakout session will come to you directly, and you will be responsible for sharing it with a co-presenter (if any).


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This rate is for approved CSCA Breakout Session Presenters (up to one Lead Presenter and two Co-Presenters per breakout session).

If your session is approved, the Lead Presenter will be emailed a link to the special Registration Portal for Approved Presenters.


  • HANDOUTS: Presenters are asked to submit electronic materials for posting on the CSCA website after the conference.
  • CO-PRESENTERS: All communications regarding your breakout session will come to the Lead Presenter directly, and will be responsible for sharing it with a co-presenter (if any). Also note the rate structure for Co-Presenters above.
  • TECHNICAL CONSIDERATIONS: Sessions being presented  live will do so via a Zoom Meeting hosted by NCYI. You will be sent instructions on how to access the session and other details. NCYI will offer any technical support during the meeting and can answer any questions beforehand. Presenters and co-presenters will be granted co-hosts rights, and be able to do other functions like chat, and screen sharing during the meeting. For those being asked to send in a pre-recorded session, an email with instructions, and a deadline date will be sent by

For more information or questions, please contact Chris Daugherty at


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