October 22-24, 2023
Embassy Suites & Frisco Convention Center
7600 John Q Hammons Drive
Frisco, TX 75034

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October 22-24, 2023  |  Embassy Suites & Frisco Convention Center
7600 John Q Hammons Drive  |  Frisco, TX 75034

Lone Star State School Counselor Association Conference October 22-24, 2023 header
Lone Star State School Counselor Association Conference October 22-24, 2023 header
Lone Star State School Counselor Association Conference October 22-24, 2023 header

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions

We look forward to having you join us at the Lone Star State School Counselor Association Conference!

Sunday, October 22, 2023

2:45 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. Breakout Session 1

Title: Advising for the Future

Lead Presenter: Amanda Knight

Description: Help set the trajectory for your elementary students through impactful individual planning practices. Learn concrete ways to help students set and meet academic goals that will lead to greater student success this year and for years to come.

Title: Alongside Sponsor Session

Lead Presenter: NAME


Title: Foster Care & Student Success: What School Counselors should know!

Lead Presenter: LaTrenda Watson

Description: Do you know the requirements and laws that support students in foster care and promote their academic success? This session provides an overview of state and federal mandates, academic resources, and helpful strategies for Professional School Counselors to assist students in foster care. Participants will learn and identify new approaches for implementing Local Education Agency support

Title: Guidance Goodies: Be S.A.F.E. About Suicide

Lead Presenter: Amber Barbee

Description: Do you work with students who self-injure or have suicidal and/or homicidal ideation? Maybe you need tools to work with students who display these behaviors. In this session, you will learn the entire protocol process for assessing each ideation. Templates and resources will be provided so you can implement a safety protocol for your campus, in addition to providing group counseling services for your students who have these ideations.

Title: “It Depends”- Beyond the Basics of College Admissions

Lead Presenter: Giovanna James

Description: High school counselors are responsible for guiding students as they make life-changing college decisions, yet few of us are trained in this area. Are you looking to better advise your students and families? In this session, we will go beyond the basics to discuss school rankings, what selectivity really means, and how to help families prioritize their college search. Because, when it comes to making post-secondary plans, it all depends!

Title: The Substance of Coping!

Lead Presenter: Veronica Garza

Description: Do you run the other way when a student or parent mentions vaping, weed or drug use? Since drug use is on the rise, these conversations are more likely becoming part of your daily routine. Let’s conquer that angst together as we explore motivational interviewing techniques, identify healthy interventions, and maximize substance use resources. These tools will empower and give you courage to tackle the pervasive nature of substance use.

Title: Turning Pages, Turning Lives: Using Books to Enhance Your School Counseling

Lead Presenter: Bailey Broechin

Description: Rural school counselors will highlight the value of incorporating books into your school counseling program. You’ll learn about various types of books that can be used to teach social-emotional skills, promote empathy, and foster resilience. You’ll discover strategies for selecting and implementing books in your counseling sessions. Leave with resources to help your students navigate challenging situations and grow both academically and socially.

Title: US ARMY RECRUITING Sponsor Session

Lead Presenter: 


Title: What’s the 411 in a 911?

Lead Presenter: Felicia Williams

Description: This interactive workshop will show participants how to maximize their ability to intervene effectively when faced with an individual or school-wide crisis. The presenter(s) will share strategies to plan for a crisis event, such as working with campus/district administration and community alliances who will support during and after a crisis event. Presenters will share lessons learned during the loss of a student while on campus.


4:15 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. Breakout Session 2

Title: College Board Sponsor Session

Lead Presenter:


Title: Get In Where You Fit In-How to Find Your Best College Fit

Lead Presenter: Ashley Ali

Description: As former school counselors, we understand how difficult it can be for students to choose the school that will fit them best. There are so many options and so little time to do research! During this interactive presentation, you will learn how to ask the right questions to help your students find their perfect college. You will also walk away with free tools for your campus. So come get in where you fit in!

Title: Ignite interest in your school counseling program using social media!

Lead Presenter: Olivia Tarkington

Description: Misinformation and lack of information are leading causes of problems between stakeholders and school personnel. Unless we make a concerted effort to inform our stakeholders about our school counseling programs, it is highly unlikely they will know all we do to benefit their children, both directly and indirectly. Come learn how to present your information on social media in as little as 30 minutes!

Title: Meeting the Needs of College-Bound Male Youth of Color Through Mentoring

Lead Presenter: Christina Porter

Description: As educators and community leaders seek to enhance the academic achievement and the success of Black and Latino male youth, the use of innovative and culturally responsible interventions will continue to consider mentoring as a novel remedy. The results of this study advocate for the use of school and/or community-based mentoring programs for young men of color that are informed by the specific cultural needs of the population they serve.

Title: Road to Resilience – Helping Families of Suicidal and Self-Harming Kids

Lead Presenter: Niky Conklin

Description: Learn about different levels of care families may experience when seeking help for their child exhibiting suicidal or self-harming behaviors. You will gain a better understanding of what inpatient/acute care, Partial Hospitalization Programs, Intensive Outpatient Programs, Residential Facilities, and the Y.E.S. Waiver program look like. There will also be helpful tips and questions families should consider as they seek care for their child.

Title: TEA Supports for the School Counseling 80/20 Policy

Lead Presenter: Stephanie Lerner 

Description: School counseling duties must align with TEC 33.006 as well as TAC 61.1073. In this presentation, participants will explore the value and resources of the 80/20 school counseling policy.

Title: The 14-Year-Old College Student

Lead Presenter:  Gricelda Elizabeth Revelez

Description: Early College, P-TECH, Dual Credit, and Program of Study! All these areas require students to now make decisions on their career and college pathway at a very young age. For this session, join us as we embark on how to guide students at a very young age to decide a career pathway. We will discuss interest inventory surveys, college plans, and strategies to guide a student to determine a career pathway.

Title: Tier 2 Interventions That Work

Lead Presenter: Amanda Bustamante

Description: Tier 2 school counseling interventions play a vital role in the effectiveness of a comprehensive program. During this session, we will share some of the most impactful tried and true Tier 2 interventions that we have implemented in our school counseling program. From individualized behavior plans and goal sheets to universal small group activities, attendees will walk away with ready-to-use interventions that can be modified for any learner.

Title: Ususal Suspects: Identifying Bullies, Bears and Other Bothersome Behaviors

Lead Presenter: Ashley Ali

Description: Bullying has been well defined for decades, yet it is still misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and misused. To add to the confusion, there are many bothersome behaviors that do not fit the mold. If it’s not bullying, what is it? Gain the knowledge and resources to confidently identify Negative Social Interactions. Prepare staff and students to recognize the Usual Suspects and how to spontaneously resolve conflicts and find lasting solutions.

Monday, October 23, 2023

11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Breakout Session 3


Lead Presenter:  Tommie Mabry


Title: Coordinating the Chaos: Efficient Ways to Manage the Workload

Lead Presenter: Melisia Foster

Description: Are you struggling to complete all of your tasks and/or assigned extra duties with SB 179 and other requirements? Join us to learn strategies to manage multiple responsibilities efficiently and Increase face to face time with students. Hear from some experts about ways to work smarter in tracking and monitoring student data and using the data points to inform student and campus decision making.

Title: Counselors as Leaders: The Shift in the Role of School Counseling

Lead Presenter: Mary McCullough

Description: “Guidance Counselor”, once defined the now School Counselor role, as it was previously focused on supporting students’ academic development. Now, school counseling has evolved tremendously. The Covid-19 pandemic, racial injustices, and deepened awareness & acknowledgement of mental health have significantly changed education. The purpose of this session is to encourage school counselors to embrace the much anticipated counselor as leader role.

Title: Depth Over Breadth in Elementary Classroom Guidance

Lead Presenter: Carrie Hontz

Description: Are you looking for more depth over breadth in your classroom guidance programming? Do you often feel that you need more time to make a bigger impact in classroom lessons? Learn how to leverage your school’s social and emotional learning curriculum to have a bigger impact on your students. Make SEL curriculum work for you by aligning student learning objectives and CASEL core competencies with ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors.

Title: Good Goals Require Good Data


Lead Presenter: Grant Wilson

Description: Lots of times counselors struggle with T-SCESS due to not having good data. Join us to learn how to find ‘good data’ in order to better support a T-SCESS goal and evaluate your counseling program. From what data you need to have to start to how to track data, get a quick overview of some best practices to help take your counseling goals to the next level.


Lead Presenter:  Tommie Mabry


Title: Small Groups: Making ‘Em Happen

Lead Presenter: Tamara Wahrer

Description: A complete comprehensive school counseling program must have small groups as a component. But the reality is there are many hurdles to making small groups happen. From fitting small groups into an already jam-packed schedule to finding the right content, these barriers make it hard to get started & to keep the groups going. This session will provide tips and strategies for overcoming hurdles and making small groups easier.


Lead Presenter:  Tommie Mabry


Title: TEA Curriculum Update

Lead Presenter: Jessica Snyder

Description: Staff from TEA’s Curriculum Standards and Student Support Division will provide an update on recent actions from the Texas Legislature and the State Board of Education related to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills; graduation requirements, including the Texas First Diploma Program; and other curriculum-related topics.

Title: Wired Differently: Understanding and Supporting Students with ADHD

Lead Presenter:  Tommie Mabry

Description: ADHD can manifest in various ways and understanding which strategies to use can be challenging. This session will provide simple strategies for counselors to utilize when working with students with anxiousness, impulsivity, and difficulty with attention. We will also share strategies to support and empower teachers in the classroom.

12:15 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. Breakout Session 4 - Chill, Connect, Dine, and Express Learning Sessions A

Title: Counseling Toward Solutions: Discovering the Expert in Every Student

Lead Presenter: Linda Metcalf

Description: This interactive workshop will provide basic ideas of using solution focused school counseling with every student, parent or teacher, no matter the concern! Based on three steps, the presenter will illustrate through videos and case studies, how the solution focused approach can transform students bothered by anxiety, anger, academic failure, school refusing and more. Additionally, ideas for team. RTI and parent conferences will be addressed.

Title: Piecing Together the Puzzle: MTSS in Small and Rural Schools

Lead Presenter: Katilyn Woodley

Description: Multi-Tiered Systems of Support are vital in all areas of student development. Universal, targeted, and intensive supports help our students thrive in both their academic and social/emotional development. But how can you build supports when you may be short-staffed and overworked? Come talk with us as we discuss data-gathering, staffing, and practical applications for piecing together effective supports in your small or rural school.

Title: Results Matter! School Counselors Collect, Analyze & Share Data

Lead Presenter: Danielle Duarte

Description: How are students different because of the work of school counselors? This engaging presentation will walk attendees through collecting and analyzing data to identify student needs and evaluate the impact of their program. Process, perception, and outcome data will be discussed, aligned with improving attendance, behavior, and achievement. Program results will be shared to demonstrate ways counselors positively contribute to student outcomes.

Title: Tier Two Behaviors are the New Tier One

Lead Presenter: Rebekah DePeo-Christner

Description: As a result of the pandemic, challenging behaviors and mental health concerns have been exacerbated. As such, there needs to be a change in the approach educators are taking in addressing these challenges. Who better to ignite change in how mental health and behaviors are addressed in the school setting than the school counselor. Participants will learn trauma-informed tools and strategies to support educators in addressing these challenges.

Title: TikTok for Counselors: How we can use it to our advantage

Lead Presenter: Lidssett Bohannon

Description: This session will address the evolving way that Gen Z is using social media to obtain information. Learn how students are utilizing TikTok as Google and how individual school counselors and/or counseling programs can build an engaged and active following of students. This session will cover various ways school counselors can utilize TikTok to their advantage. Learn how building a solid social media presence can be a unique avenue to advocate.


Lead Presenter: 


1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Breakout Session 5 - Chill, Connect, Dine, and Express Learning Sessions B

Title: The Power to Motivate

Lead Presenter: Reagan North

Description: How often do you help students create a plan for change only to find they don’t follow through? Before students can increase grades, build healthy relationships, or pursue career goals, they must be deeply motivated. Motivational Interviewing (MI) is an evidence-based counseling style that taps into students’ own motivation. Learn practical techniques to help students change for the better. In short, learn to motivate!

Title: Twinning with Tech Tools

Lead Presenter: Dyann Wilson

Description: Dyann Wilson and Amy Storer, the techCAREtwins, will provide a hands-on presentation about how you can integrate technology into your counseling program. They will be highlighting a few of their favorite tools-Wakelet, Flipgrid, Canva, Google Sites, and more – and sharing with you how we can use these tools to support ALL learners. These tools can easily be integrated to support social-emotional learning, self-compassion, internet safety, self-aw


Lead Presenter:  


Title: Utilizing Social Media and Technology to Share Your Counseling Program

Lead Presenter: John Burnett

Description: In this session, participants will be introduced to creative ways to share information about the three domains of academic, social emotional, and college and career readiness using technology and social media. Additionally, participants will discover innovative ways to meet the needs of students, families, and the community. Don’t miss out on this scaffolded opportunity to leverage digital platforms for effective communication and engagement.

Title: When Counselors Need Counseling – A Different look at Self-Care

Lead Presenter:  Teresa Lyons

Description: When Counselors Need Counseling – A Different Look at Self-care for the Heartbeat of the Campus.
Equipping Leaders and workers to not play a part in the ongoing counseling staffing crisis.

2:45 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. Breakout Session 6

Title: Advocating for the School Counselor Role in a Small Rural School

Lead Presenter: Charlee Hernanadez

Description: In many small schools, the counselor role has become cluttered with other duties as assigned. It also comes coupled with other roles- testing coordinator, lunch monitor, grade clerk, etc. Our students’ deserve and need a counselor who can be present and support academic, social & emotional well-being. A multi-role school counselor will share how data, administration education, and persistence sparked change in a small rural school.

Title: Career Day Planning Magic

Lead Presenter: Brittany McCay

Description: Learn an organization system to make any career day a success! Two Garland Independent School District counselors in a mentor/mentee relationship share and discuss best practices that have led their schools in low-income communities to have successful career day events. Don’t be intimidated, be motivated! It’s like magic how well this works!

Title: Digging Deeper: Embracing the healing power of nature

Lead Presenter: Charlotte Justice

Description: Let’s take it outside! Research has proven that humans are healthier, happier, and smarter when exposed to natural environments. This session is about nature-based counseling and will highlight some simple, free/low-cost outdoor practices you can employ to harness the healing power of nature in your counseling practice. We’ll end with a hands-on experience and reflection to personalize your learning to your needs and readiness to explore.

Title: Effective Strategies to Engage and Collaborate with Challenging Parents

Lead Presenter: Amanda Quicksall

Description: There are times when counselors encounter difficult or challenging parents, who may exhibit resistance, defensiveness, or hostility. It is crucial to gain strategies to engage and collaborate with parents for the success of their child. Our goal is to equip you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and techniques to handle challenging parent encounters effectively and build strong relationships.

Title: Future Fair: Igniting Career Opportunities with Community Partners

Lead Presenter: Raquel Gillham

Description: Discover creative ways to partner with your community businesses to host an immersive and empowering student career fair. This step-by-step presentation will guide you in involving manufacturing companies, banks, businesses, and chambers of commerce to build the most fantastic event. Our “unique model” of career fairs will revolutionize students’ engagement with diverse career pathways, potential employers, and essential professional skills.

Title: Lone Star Awards & School Counselor of the Year

Lead Presenter: Monica Dominguez

Description: Come learn how to advocate for your program? The Lone Star Award is an award that recognizes effective and outstanding school counseling programs in the state of Texas. The Lone Star Award prepares school counselors to apply for the national ASCA RAMP award. Leading to recognizing a school counselor that devotes themselves to serving as advocates for Texas students and ensuring student success. Come learn with us!

Title: New to this part of town? A Leader’s Guide for New Counselor Supports

Lead Presenter: Nwakaego Oriji

Description: Are you looking for an effective plan to build a solid foundation for new counselors to thrive and grow? As a district leader, it is vital to develop a plan that builds capacity within new counselors, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to support student wellbeing and growth. In this interactive experience, counseling leaders will acquire creative ideas and design a customized district plan to enhance new counselor support.

Title: School Refusal

Lead Presenter: Anne Lehew

Description: Are you struggling with learners who refuse to attend school? Come learn the early warning signs and suggestions for interventions at all stages of this difficult issue.

Title: The Power of Small Group Counseling: Building Stronger Connections

Lead Presenter: Krystel Santiago

Description: The Power of Small Group Counseling is a session that will provide everything a School Counselor will need from beginning to end for a School Year, including Optimistic Thinking, Self-Management, Goal-Directed Behavior, and Relationship Skills. We will have activities like Make and Take to help students identify feelings or how they feel from Fist to Five, pre and post-assessments to measure student progress and lessons.

Title: Two’s Better Than One: Coordinated Programming Counselors and the Community

Lead Presenter: Danyatta Harrell

Description: School counselor-community partner collaboration is the cooperative relationship between school counselors and various community partners or organizations to support students. The importance of involving external resources to enhance the school counseling program and meet the diverse needs of students is important. We will focus on the unique expertise, resources, and services that can supplement and complement the work of school counselors.



Lead Presenter: 


4:15 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. Breakout Session 7 – LSSSCA Track

Title: A Fireside Chat That Will Change Your World

Lead Presenter: LaShunda Lewis

Description: I think we would all agree that working with preteens and teenagers is hard! With the pressure and expectation to excel academically, the stress of determining their future, and constant access to social media, MS & HS students are dealing with a lot. According to the NIH, over 30% of adolescents have or will experience some form of anxiety. This mother-daughter team talks to you about anxiety and how you can best support your students.

Title: Connecting With Our Counselor Educators

Lead Presenter: Tracy Eubanks & Franklin Simpson

Description: Attention: Colleges & Universities of School Counseling Programs
Come out and join us to share ideas and discuss strategies to enhance the school counseling profession. Together lets connect to strengthen the school counseling profession.

Title: Counselors Eradicating Barriers to College Admissions

Lead Presenter: Alexia McClennon

Description: Together high school counselors and college admission representatives can eradicate the barriers that inhibit the transition from senior year to college enrollment. This session will cover gaps between school counselors, college access counselors and college recruitment.

Title: Enhancing the Principal/Counselor Relationship

Lead Presenter: Cristina Nunez

Description: Are you interested in the characteristics of building a supportive relationship and eliminating the barriers that affect your comprehensive counseling program? Learn to optimize your principal/counselor relationship utilizing specific practices and disciplines. This is great for new school counselors OR if you find your advocating for your time/role due to working with a new administrator.

Title: How To Do the Job of 10 When You’re Only One

Lead Presenter: Melissa Ferguson

Description: Ever feel like you are trying to balance the job of ten people as one person? Counselors wear many hats and are constantly juggling all of the things! This session will focus on actionable strategies to empower and equip those around you in supporting students and staff on your campus for impactful change. To equip and empower others, we must understand the priorities of leaders to obtain the buy in for the vision we are striving to implement.

Title: Innovative Strategies to Motivate and Build Resilience in Every Student

Lead Presenter: Ashley Wright

Description: How do you help students bounce back from what they have been through? From trauma, isolation, and poverty, to mental health challenges, our students have faced many obstacles over the last three years. Come see a formula to help you guide students through the challenges that destroy motivation and make it difficult to find success.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Breakout Session 8

Title: And Then What? A K-14 Approach to Life After High School for All Students

Lead Presenter: Stephen Polk

Description: We say we want all students to pursue postsecondary options but do we structure our counseling to make this happen? This presentation will cover: Kindergarten to Year 14 Career Planning, Emotional Preparedness for any Postsecondary Destination, Myths about Life After High School, Creating the 6-Year High School Plan, and 11 Alternatives to a Traditional 4-Year College Pathway. Audience participation encouraged & handouts/resources provided.

Title: Be An Elephant

Lead Presenter: Amgelica Bailon

Description: Brain Science & Trauma Informed Practices. Be an Elephant describes the things we can do in our schools to help our students feel safe. If students feel safe and are regulated, then they can learn.

Title: Using Data to Develop Individualized Counseling Support Plans

Lead Presenter: Jennifer Colon

Description: As counselors, we sift through data regularly to see what our campuses need.
In this session, I will demonstrate and explain my process for using a variety of data (academic, attendance, discipline, etc.) to:
– Identify students to target for individualized counseling support
– Write counseling goals for targeted students
– Create a plan of action based on the students’ counseling goals
– Monitor students’ progress in reaching these goals

Title: My Texas Future and the Texas OnCourse Network: Enhancing College Advising

Lead Presenter: Lauren Discher

Description: My Texas Future is a new digital tool that enables students to explore careers, identify in-demand occupations in their region, and directly connect with institutions of higher education for advising. THECB will highlight changes to ApplyTexas and introduce the Texas OnCourse Network. A new initiative that supports college and career advising efforts across the state by enhancing supporter knowledge through Academy learning and network engagement

Title: Operation Spot ‘Em & Got ‘Em: Using Data to Close the Opportunity Gap

Lead Presenter: Kelly Mountjoy

Description: This presentation will describe how one school district is helping to close the opportunity gap and alter the culture of their schools by finding and intentionally supporting students from underrepresented populations. You will learn how to use the data from your students’ course requests and test scores to identify students who are underrepresented in advanced courses in order to diversify and be more representative of the school’s student body.

Title: Quaver Sponsor Session

Lead Presenter:


Title: The Moving Target- Adapting your counseling program to meet campus needs

Lead Presenter: Amanda Cheatham

Description: The needs of campus demographics is constantly changing, so is your counseling program! Learn new approaches to present to campus leadership to advocate for your position. Helpful activities and group lessons for students with a variety of needs, and ways to utilize your daily schedule to allow time to host fun, engaging, and much needed student centered interventions and groups!

Title: The Power of Glitter: Teaching our littlest learners to sparkle

Lead Presenter: Janis Roberson

Description: Are you putting out fires daily? Interacting with students who would be considered Tier 3? Experience has shown that investing time implementing a school-wide counseling program with focused attention on providing Tier 1 support minimizes escalating behaviors. Join us as we share ways to increase your effectiveness as a school counselor by gaining ideas for guidance lessons, interventions, and getting your staff on board to support PK-2 students.

Title: The Role of the School Counselor when Offering Behavioral Support

Lead Presenter: Bonnie Atilano

Description: This session will provide an abundance of interventions and strategies to best provide options for Counselors when supporting students in crisis. This training will assist counselors in discovering supportive solutions for escalated student behavior and provide real-life, practical approaches to school based situations.

Title: Twinning with Tech Tools

Lead Presenter: Dyann Wilson

Description: Dyann Wilson and Amy Storer, the techCAREtwins, will provide a hands-on presentation about how you can integrate technology into your counseling program. They will be highlighting a few of their favorite tools-Wakelet, Flipgrid, Canva, Google Sites, and more – and sharing with you how we can use these tools to support ALL learners. These tools can easily be integrated to support social-emotional learning, self-compassion, internet safety, self-aw

10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Breakout Session 9

Title: A Seat at the Table: Counselors Role in School-based Threat Assessment Team

Lead Presenter: Adeli Cortez

Description: This presentation will help counselors understand their role in school-based threat assessment teams; will dive into the three pathways and the steps that lead students to violent behaviors; will explain the difference between risk screening for suicide ideation versus screening for threat; and will discuss the role of using an all-encompassing lens when looking at student behavior to implement strategies for keeping everyone safe on campus.

Title: Advancing College Opportunity with Common App

Lead Presenter: michaela Alcorn

Description: The Common App is accepted by 1,000+ colleges worldwide, including 31 in Texas. We’re committed to helping all students- especially first-generation and low income students- access, afford, and attain higher education. Join us to discuss application updates, scholarship opportunities, and data insights. We’ll highlight resources you can use to advise and celebrate your students on their postsecondary journey. Come with your questions and ideas!

Title: CCMR In Motion

Lead Presenter: Sarah Thrash

Description: The field of college, career, and military readiness is constantly changing, improving, and providing additional opportunities to ensure students graduate FUTURE-ready. In this session, I will share recommendations and resources so that counselors leave with unique strategies in their toolkits, feel better equipped to meet student needs, and boost success!

Title: Fentanyl – Fake & Fatal

Lead Presenter: Darla DeLeon

Description: Fentanyl is now the #1 cause of death in America for 18 – 45 years of age. The fastest growing age demographic in America for fentanyl poisoning and death is now 14 years of age and younger. It’s no longer a drug that is killing addicts. It’s a weapon of mass destruction destroying a generation. Awareness is not enough; we must provide comprehensive education. This session will teach attendees exactly how to do that.

Title: From Tears to Tiers- Making Small Group Counseling Count

Lead Presenter: Shenise Tett

Description: Do you feel prepared to plan, facilitate, and end student small groups? Are you unsure of where to begin? This session will help you identify the appropriate School Counselor roles and duties to make your small groups a success for your students. We will explore best practices for how to run effective student small group counseling.

Title: Help Me Help You: Effective Administrator/School Counselor Collaboration

Lead Presenter: Kat Pastor

Description: Learn how to build an effective partnership between school counselors and administrators, through the use of data. Come ready to learn how to create and maintain a collaborative partnership for increased outcomes on your campus. This session will include a discussion between a former school counselor and principal about the trials and strategies they used to forge a successful, collaborative partnership for the success of their school communities

Title: Igniting Change for Adolescents with Anxiety

Lead Presenter: LaShanda Lewis

Description: The field of college, career, and military readiness is constantly changing, improving, and providing additional opportunities to ensure students graduate FUTURE-ready. In this session, I will share recommendations and resources so that counselors leave with unique strategies in their toolkits, feel better equipped to meet student needs, and boost success!

Title: MakeItMovement Sponsor Session

Lead Presenter: 


Title: TikTok for Counselors: How we can use it to our advantage

Lead Presenter: Lissett Bohannon

Description: This session will address the evolving way that Gen Z is using social media to obtain information. Learn how students are utilizing TikTok as Google and how individual school counselors and/or counseling programs can build an engaged and active following of students. This session will cover various ways school counselors can utilize TikTok to their advantage. Learn how building a solid social media presence can be a unique avenue to advocate.

Title: When Life Hands You PreK

Lead Presenter: Jeanne Juneau

Description: Do you ever feel like herding cats would be an easier task than teaching a preK counseling lesson? Teaching early learners social emotional skills can be a challenge for even the most experience counselor. After working with 4 and 5 year old’s I have literature connections that work with this age as well as games and activities that are best suited for our prereaders. Everyone will receive sample lessons and ideas on how to create their own.



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