October 12-13, 2023
Pines Manor
2085 Lincoln Hwy.
Edison, NJ 08817


October 12-13, 2023  |  Pines Manor
2085 Lincoln Hwy.  |  Edison, NJ 08817


Call for Presenters

Call for Presenters

Submit your proposal for the NJSCA Conference!

As School Counselors we experience awe and wonder as part of our daily work. Awe motivates us to share resources, cooperate, and do for others. While wonder propels our passion for exploring, learning, and curiosity. There is no better venue to share this than at the NJSCA Fall Conference. You are encouraged to share new programs, current research skills, or ideas about awe and wonder that will cause incredible personal change and growth in our community.

Thanks for joining us for the 2022 New Jersey School Counselor Association Conference!​

We look forward to seeing you next year.

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The conference theme is School Counselors. School Leaders. Presentations on that topic are welcome and requested!

Presentations should include evidence that supports the impact of the program or service.  We are looking for presentations that will help to build the capacity of New Jersey school counselors to help our students be ready for the next step on their academic journey.

Targeted Areas

Planning a Comprehensive School Counseling Program

  • Assessments and evaluations of counseling programs and individual components
  • Effective strategies to close achievement and opportunity gaps
  • Using data to deliver effective counseling programs
  • Utilizing social media to market your counseling program
  • Managing your program with technology
  • Leadership Skills


School Counseling Curriculum

  • Prevention strategies for drop out, teen pregnancy, suicide and alcohol/drug abuse
  • Postsecondary awareness strategies for all grade levels

Individual Student Planning

  • Improving ACT and SAT scores
  • Effective Counselor roles with RtI
  • Improving graduation rate
  • Reducing Test Anxiety


Responsive Services

  • Helping Transient Students (Foster, Migrant, Homeless, etc.)
  • Effective School Counselor intervention for student discipline issues


Student Support Services

  • Leading trainings for teachers and parents
  • Effective parent engagement strategies
  • Building community partnerships
  • Advocating to reduce systemic barriers to student success


  • Any pre-conference events that are planned will take place on Thursday, October 12th. This Call for Presenters is seeking proposals for the learning break out sessions that will take place on the conference day, Friday, October 13th only.
  • Proposals are only accepted through completion of this electronic form.
    There may be no more than three (3) presenters for any session (one lead presenter and two co-presenters). All communication with presenters will take place via the Lead Presenter email address provided on the registration form.
  • Presenters may submit more than one proposal for consideration.
  • Presenters who intend to sell and/or promote a product as a central element of their presentation are encouraged to explore the Sponsors and Exhibitors information. Only if space permits may these programs be considered. If a program of this nature is accepted, it does not mean that NJSCA endorses the product.
  • Please plan your proposal based on a program session of approximately 50 minutes.
  • Acceptance of a proposal does not mean that NJSCA endorses the content.
  • If your session is offered in support of a commercial product or service, clearly indicate the product/service on the session proposal form.

Must Submit Your Vitae/Resume: In addition to filling out and submitting the form below, Lead Presenters are REQUIRED to submit a PDF of their vitae or resume, which includes their degree, educational training, certifications and licenses. 

Deadline for Submission: June 15, 2023

NJSCA will convene a committee to review and select Conference sessions. You will be contacted by NCYI, the organization managing this conference, to let you know if your proposal is accepted.  We carefully consider all proposals in an effort to share successes in issues facing today’s youth.

Notice regarding proposal acceptance will be sent via e-mail by mid-July.

The Lead Presenter will receive all communications regarding your breakout session and will be responsible for sharing it with co-presenters, if any.




Presenter Instructions

  • HANDOUTS: A QR code will be used for attendees to gain access to session handouts. Please provide a file/s to presenters@ncyi.org by September 15th with your session title as the file name. You are welcome to provide physical copies of your handouts to attendees at your own expense. The rooms will be set for 40-60 participants.
  • HOTEL RESERVATIONS: Presenters must make their own hotel reservations and are responsible for all other travel expenses.
  • CO-PRESENTERS: All communications regarding your breakout session will come to the Lead Presenter directly, and they will be responsible for sharing it with their Co-Presenter(s), if any. Also note the rate structure for Co-Presenters. If Co-Presenters are not added at the time of the CFP submission, they cannot be added in the future.
  • WI-FI: The Resort is equipped with Wi-Fi Internet that is complimentary for all attendees. However, we highly recommend designing your session so that you will not need internet access, since it can be slow or unreliable.
  • AUDIO VISUAL EQUIPMENT: All meeting rooms will be arranged theater style. Please note that the Conference will provide a LCD Projector, screen, A/V cart and power supply at no charge to you. However, the Conference will not be able to provide any other A/V equipment. You are responsible for providing your own laptop and dongle/appropriate adapter, if needed for your presentation.  If your presentation requires sound for a video or sound effect please make the necessary plan to provide that equipment on your own.  If you need additional audio visual equipment, please contact the hotel. Any arrangements you make with the hotel will be at your own expense.
For more information or questions, please contact presenters@ncyi.org.


Friday, October 13th

Presenter Rate


Save an additional $10 if you register by August 31st!*

This rate is for Friday only. Pre-Conference is not included.

*To qualify for the early registration discount, your registration form AND payment (copy of your purchase order, check, or credit card) must be received or postmarked by the early registration cutoff date.  

The discounted presenter rate can be used for the lead presenter and co-presenters. If your session is approved, the Lead Presenter will be emailed a link to the exclusive registration portal for approved presenters.

If you and/or your co-presenter(s), if any, plan to present the breakout session and then leave, there will be no registration fee. By not registering, you will not be given a name badge, program manual or tote bag, and will not be able to participate in any other sessions or meal functions at the conference.



This portal is now closed.

The deadline for submissions has passed.



Fax 423.899.4547


National Center for Youth Issues
P.O. Box 22185
Chattanooga, TN 37422-2185

The Lead Presenter will receive all communications regarding your breakout session and will be responsible for sharing it with co-presenters, if any.