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Bridging the Emotional Gap
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July 26-28, 2021

Virtual Conference

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School counselors from the Cleveland City Schools, Bradley County Schools and the surrounding districts are invited to attend these informative sessions at the Peerless Road Church. Lunch will be provided. See the schedule below.

Everyone will also have the opportunity to shop at the NCYI Resource Center. Each of the Cleveland City Schools and Bradley County Schools will receive a gift certificate to be used to select resources on-site, compliments of their school district.

Featured Presenters

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Natalie Spencer Gwyn headshot

Connecting the Dots: Advancing Equity is Schools Using a Trauma-Informed and Social Emotional Learning Framework

Monday, July 26th | 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. CDT

Natalie Spencer Gwyn

Dr. Natalie Spencer Gwyn is an Assistant Professor at North Carolina A&T State University. She was previously a high school counselor and student assistance counselor (SAP) for many years before moving into higher education. She received her undergraduate and master’s degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She later earned a doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision from North Carolina State University. Dr. Spencer is the author of Mindful Practices for Helping Troubled Teens and 15-Minute Focus: Diversity, Bias, and Privilege in Education. She is also a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in the state of North Carolina, and owns her own private practice, Natalie Spencer Counseling and Consulting. Dr. Spencer Gwyn has presented her research on the local, state, and national level.

Russell Sabella headshot

Part 1: Data Boot Camp for School Counselors
Part 2: Enhancing your DatAbility

Tuesday, July 27th | 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. CDT

Russ Sabella

Dr. Russell Sabella is currently a Professor of Counseling in the College of Health Professions & Social Work, Florida Gulf Coast University and President of Sabella & Associates. He is well known for his Technology Boot Camp for Counselors workshops conducted throughout the country. Dr. Sabella is Past President (2003-2004) of the American School Counselor Association. He has trained and consulted with thousands of school counselors, educators, parents, and organizational leaders throughout the country.

Russ is the co-author of two books entitled Confronting Sexual Harassment Learning Activities for Teens and Counseling in the 21st Century: Using Technology to Improve Practice. He is also the author of the popular, A Friendly and Practical Guide to the World Wide Web, as well as, A Practical Guide to Keeping Kids Out of High Tech Trouble.

Lisa King headshot

Part 1: Navigating the New Normal with a Growth Mindset ROAD MAP
Part 2: Teaching Growth Mindset in Schools: Mindset Matters.

Wednesday, July 28th | 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. CDT

Lisa King

Lisa King is an author, speaker and school counselor. Lisa has worked with students developing and using innovative practices as a school counselor for 20 years. She has won numerous awards in her district and presented her programs at local, state and national conferences. Lisa has authored seven books including her latest book, Be Your Own Hero. Her other books include Mindset Matters, Integrating Growth Mindset In Schools, Academic Advisement Program, Teaching Career Essentials and How to Create A College Day. Lisa attended Tufts University for her undergraduate degree and Georgia State University for her graduate degrees. She lives in Marietta, GA (Atlanta suburb) with her husband and daughter.


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We’ve all heard these terms before: Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Trauma Informed Practices and Equity. Too often school counselors, teachers, and administrators focus on one factor that can impact a child’s learning and not the intersections of all three. Many children attending schools today (virtual and in person) experience traumas that impact their ability to identify, effectively express, and manage emotions. In addition, the impact of race and cultural diversity can further impact a child’s overall coping strategies when experiencing adverse situations. SEL, trauma informed practices and equity intersect in a powerful way and we can no longer ignore the impact on education and children.

In this session, attendees will learn practical interventions that can be implemented to build SEL competencies along with an emphasis on equity and trauma informed practices.

The Data Boot Camp for School Counselors is designed to advance technological literacy among counselors in a useful and practical manner. Particular attention is given to using Microsoft Excel™ to make data an important part of your comprehensive school counseling program. From data-driven decision making, to monitoring progress, to reporting the positive impact you’re having on kids — this workshop will demystify how it’s done. Workshop content is pre-planned although flexible enough to meet individuals’ specific technological training needs. Participants bring their own laptop so they can gain valuable hands-on practice. All participants will receive a 90 day pass to the online version of this training.

Dr. Sabella’s workshop is designed to advance your understanding of how to use high-tech tools in a useful and practical manner, especially in the area of accountability and advocacy. Particular attention is given to using Microsoft Excel™ to make data an important part of your comprehensive school counseling program. From data-driven decision making, to monitoring progress, to reporting the positive impact you’re having on kids – this workshop will de-mystify how it’s done. Also, participants will learn how to create a “narrated, multi-media, self advancing results report” – a digital story that inspires others about how you add value to the overall educational mission.

So much has happened since school closures began in March 2020. And when our students return to school, we will meet them where they are, which will differ by leaps and bounds for each learner… academically and emotionally. The great uncertainty ahead requires us to have a plan for re-entry. We will discuss creating a Growth Mindset Road Map as a starting point. What does this mean? This means creating a common language that revolves around dealing with change, overcoming obstacles, and the need to learn new skills. This map includes setting up how to address racism, equity issues in digital learning, and how the pandemic has accentuated many mental health issues for our families. Regardless of our mode of delivery, we need to create a foundation for students and teachers that provides a foundation and spring board for both staff and student learning.

Are you interested in learning more about Growth Mindset? This session will review how Carol Dweck’s research-based theory can be infused into your school to improve student success. Come learn about a new curriculum, Mindset Matters which uses the letters in the word MINDSET to frame your lessons: Mindfulness, Identify Brain Basics, Not Yet is OK, Determination/Grit, Self-Talk, Everyone’s Unique, and Teaching Others. Since these concepts align with social/emotional, academic and career domains, you will walk away with a clear way to structure your year of lessons/groups and have student outcomes to show the success that comes from teaching about growth mindset.