November 17-19, 2022
Hilton Albany
40 Lodge Street
Albany, NY 12207

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November 17-19, 2022  |  Hilton Albany
40 Lodge Street  |  Albany, NY 12207


Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions

We look forward to having you join us at the New York State School Counselor Association Conference!

Friday, November 18, 2022

9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Breakout Session 1

Growing Future Ready Generations with a K-4 MTMDSS Aligned Curriculum

Lead Presenter: Abby Cantello

School counselors can spearhead the development of programs and curriculum that ensure students receive instruction in all three core areas. Learn how an elementary school implemented a new special area class, at the Tier 1 level, for K-4th graders entitled “College/Career Ready.” By combining lessons on college/career topics, interpersonal soft skills, and restorative circles, elementary students received future ready skills.

How the Subconscious Brain Influences Our Impressions of Others

Lead Presenter: Horatio Sanchez

More details to come!

Maximize Your Student’s Potential through Career and Technical Education

Lead Presenter: Nancy DeStefano

Do you have students who learn by doing or struggle in the classroom? Learn about how CTE can change the lives of your students by providing them with marketable and employable skills that lead then into a fulfilling career that does not require college or end in huge amounts of college debt. Help your students take charge of their lives and empower them to have a fulfilling career. Join us to learn more.”

Music as Therapy: Improving the Well Being of Our Students and Ourselves

Lead Presenter: Bradley Kasper

In our busy lives at work and at home, we sometimes forget to utilize resources we love to help us cope with our daily challenges. Music conjures up feelings and memories that can power us through our day; muster up the strength to refill what has been drained from our tanks. Re-envision how to purposefully use music to attend to your needs, and then connect with your student to address theirs.

Sponsor Session

Lead Presenter: TBA

More details to come!

Successful Outcomes for Students (S.O.S.): DBT Steps-A in Middle School

Lead Presenter: Ann Marie Tucker

Utilizing DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) Steps-A as a foundation, this workshop will provide a framework for middle school classroom implementation at Tier I (universal supports.) The current unmet emotional/problem solving needs of students relating to mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, inter-personal effectiveness, and middle path decision making within a high needs school are addressed. Resources will be shared.

Using Mental Health Team Relationships to Maximize Student Potential

Lead Presenter: Abigale Terrana

This workshop will explore how School Counselors and School Social Workers can use their unique skill sets to collaboratively support increasing Mental Health needs. By exploring the use of resource mapping and role delineation Mental Health staff can maximize student support through the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) process.

UTI Sponsor Session

Lead Presenter: Steve Coyle

More details to come!

11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Breakout Session 2

Adventure Education in the Classroom

Lead Presenter: Brian Griffith

Participants will be asked to Play! This workshop will provide a model for counselors and teachers to use in the development of climate and culture in the classroom. Using experiential games and activities and role modeling the debriefing process participants will have a new “tool box” to take away and use. 5 keys skills sets to social-emotional and academic well being will illustrated throughout. Come ready to move and have fun. Ubuntu!

Best Practices for Career & Technical Programs

Lead Presenter: Katie Flanagan

Take time to discuss best practices at Career & Technical Centers. This session pertains to school counselors who practice at Career & Technical centers throughout the state and who are looking to share ideas with colleagues. The needs of the CTC counselor are different than in a traditional setting and this session would provide you valuable time to collaborate with others. Please consider bringing ideas and/or best practices!

Circles for Self Care

Lead Presenter: Hennessey Lustica

In this presentation, you will participate in a Self Care Community Circle for School Counselors. Together we will explore circle norms, the talking piece, circle prompts, and connect with our counseling colleagues in a safe, collaborative environment. Participants will leave with a Restorative Practices Toolkit and Self Care prompts to share with their districts.

Championing LGBTQ+ Inclusion at Your School

Lead Presenter: Stefan Uveges

This session is for the School Counselro or Administrator that is looking to dig deep into creating safe spaces in their schools for students who identify within the LGBTQ+ community. Training staff and creating systems can be difficult and daunting, but why reinvent the wheel? Presenters will share their experience and provide insight to the next round of Champions of this work! This session will be collaborative and organic. Join us and help create positive change for your school community!

Transformative Professional Development through a Social Justice Lens

Lead Presenter: Claudia Lingertat

A former principal, school counselor and school counselor educator will discuss their multi-year collaboration providing PD to address systemic inequities at one urban elementary school. Training around implicit bias, racial (in)justice, instructional equity and social/emotional learning will be shared. Examples of how you can implement transformative PD in your own school will be discussed.

Utilizing Policy to Change School Practice: The NYC Journey

Lead Presenter: Carol Dahir

Implementing the new state regulations in a large urban environment has its own set of challenges. Participate in conversations and activities that empowered 3100 school counselors to shift from school-based practice to implementing comprehensive school counseling programs across New York City. Participants will become familiar with tools to support school counselors to embrace change for equity and access for all students.

SCUTA Sponsor Session

Lead Presenter: TBA

More details to come!

XELLO Sponsor Session

Lead Presenter: TBA

More details to come!

3:15 p.m. - 4:15 p.m. Breakout Session 3

Ensuring Student Success By Building Social Capital

Lead Presenter: Rebecca Wilson

Social Capital increases social and economic mobility. School counselors and other key adults must intentionally help students build social capital by linking them to meaningful connections and helping them acquire necessary resources before sending them into the world. This bridging is critical for youth from underserved backgrounds. Attendees will explore strategies for building social capital to help students maximize their potential success.

Healthy Relationships and Sexual Misconduct Prevention Programming-Gr. 5-12

Lead Presenter: Carla Young

The best way to prevent our students from becoming victims of, or accused of, sexual harassment or violence is through on-going education about healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, consent, and sexual misconduct prevention. This breakout session will include discussion on how prevention education can fit into all Comprehensive School Counseling Programs. Examples of ASCA aligned lessons for grades 5-12 will be presented.

Medical and Educational Professionals: Do We Speak The Same Language?

Lead Presenter: Gloria Jean

The medical and school systems come from different foundations, and can often seem at odds with one another. Referrals to and recommendations from pediatricians lead to a variety of successes and challenges. How can we work together to advocate more effectively for students’ needs? The presenters are actively involved in this relationship and will share their related experience and expertise focusing on fostering a collaborative relationship.

NYSSCA Leadership Session

Lead Presenter: NYSSCA Board Members

More details to come!

Narcan Training Session

Lead Presenter: TBA

More details to come!

Rebuilding Your Comprehensive School Counseling Program after the Pandemic

Lead Presenter: Tracy Jackson-Tapscott

Learn how to pick up the school counseling pieces, after two years of being in survival mode. Get back on track with comprehensive school counseling implementation. Revisit your existing data and determine how to create your next needs assessment.

The Sky’s the Limit with Administrator Partnerships

Lead Presenter: Jaymes White

School Counselor and administrator partnerships are integral to helping students soar into success! This session will bring the concept of collaboration with your administrators “out of the clouds”. Glide out of this session with practical strategies and resources to use when partnering with your administrator.

Students of Color Scholars Program: Supporting Empowerment and Equity

Lead Presenter: Amy Gaesser

Achievement gap and racial inequity exists for many students of color. Attendees will learn about the Students of Color Scholars Program, a curriculum and activities collaboratively developed by school counselors, counselor educators and students to confront racism, empower students, and support collegebound opportunities for students of color. To date, SCSP students have received over $500,000 in scholarship offers. Includes all 3 domain areas.

4:20 p.m. - 5:20 p.m. Breakout Session 4

Community-Building Activities to Build Compassionate School Culture

Lead Presenter: Tara Karch

Former classroom teachers Linda Thompson and Tara Karch introduce the importance of school-wide, community-building activities to build a compassionate, supportive culture in which each school community member feels valued, seen, heard. They will share low-lift strategies including habit-building kindness challenges and special days dedicated to mental health education and teacher gratitude.

Depression Education is Suicide Prevention

Lead Presenter: Kristina Kins

There is a unique and undeniable link between depression, mental health, and suicide. This supports the idea that effective mental health education IS suicide prevention – particularly depression education. Learn how the diverse and inclusive Tier 1, no-cost programs for 4th -12th grades, and all additional resources, support educators and counselors in providing a strong focus on mental health and help-seeking skills for all students.

Help Your Students Avoid a Personal Student Loan Crisis

Lead Presenter: Nancy Goodman

When high school students understand how the choices they make about college today can impact their financial life after they graduate, they can make smarter financial decisions. Nancy Goodman, Director of will cover how to help students (and their parents) gauge what schools they can afford; the benefits of applying to different types of schools; how much is safe to borrow and suggest helpful non commercial resources.

The Other Four Year Degree – Union Apprenticeship

Lead Presenter: Timothy Coleman

Learn about America’s Best Kept Secret! Union, Registered Apprenticeship Programs collectively invest over $2.5 Billion each year into training and education. You will have the door to Union Apprenticeships unlocked while learning key terminology, how all the trades are structured, how your students can access and what they need to do to prepare for The Number 1 Pathway into the Middle Class over the last 100 years.

School Safety Solutions

Lead Presenter: Beth Dudjak

Learn about evidence-based/trauma-informed solutions to advance prevention education in your community. MBF has expanded their library of resources to educate and empower students with strategies to recognize and respond appropriately to abuse, bullying, digital dangers and more! Discover a variety of tools to support your school’s unique needs while meeting state laws and mandates.

SEL in a Nutshell

Lead Presenter: Cynthia Cervini

Dr. Linda Silbert, expert on social and emotional learning and the creator of SEL in a Nutshell and Cynthia Cervini, school counselor will explain what counselors need to know and do for a K-5 SEL program to succeed. Topics include: why a program is essential, CASEL, how K-5 children learn, effective activities, parent involvement and why the counselor is so important. Attendees receive 12 free effective lessons with attached teacher’s guides.

Transform Test Stress into Life Success

Lead Presenter: Scott Farber

In his decades helping thousands of students prepare for the SAT/ACT, Scott Farber knows that a strong mental and emotional mindset is just as important for success in the classroom and on standardized tests as it is for life. A-List Education Founder and now Robin Co-founder Scott Farber will share with counselors how to help students build their mental strength and confidence when preparing for and taking any test life throws their way.

Saturday, November 19, 2022

10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Breakout Session 5

25 Tips To Survive Year One As A School Counselor

Lead Presenter: Jaymes White

You survived graduate school! Now What?! The core component of graduate school counseling classes provides specialized and challenging coursework with an emphasis on counseling theory. But what about all the other stuff you didn’t learn? Come learn the “who, what, when, where, why” of how to survive your first year as a counselor. Everything from understanding your contract and turning barriers into opportunities.

The Calming Power of Crafts

Lead Presenter: Jane Cowan

Scholarly literature connects crafts with stress reduction. Art therapy is known to reduce anxiety and depression and boost self esteem. Not craftsy? No worries! In this presentation, counselor (and former art educator) Jane Cowan, will lead participants through simple and inexpensive crafts that can be easily incorporated into classroom guidance lessons as well as individual and group counseling. These interventions benefit all.

Person, Purpose and Pathway

Lead Presenter: Deborah Hardy

Person, purpose, and pathway are guiding ideas to enhance a post-secondary process for students. Combining SEL components of self-awareness, self-management, relationship building, and personal interests, this presentation will provide attendees with a unique method to engage students in their post-secondary pathways. Presenters will provide resources to help develop a college and career readiness program that is student-focused.

Promoting Trauma-Informed School Counseling

Lead Presenter: Ying Tang

Understanding trauma and how traumatic events can affect young people is essential for school counselors. Individual trauma results from an event, series of events, or set of circumstances, which affect individual’s functioning and physical/social/emotional well-being. In this presentation, we will discuss the effects of trauma on individuals, the core principles of a trauma-informed approach, and the implications in school counseling.

Sponsor Session

Lead Presenter: TBA

More details to come!

Survival Guide to Building & Implementing Your School Counseling Curriculum

Lead Presenter: Carol Dahir

Meet the team that helped develop the NYSSCA curriculum data base. The session will focus on the logistics of how each school counselor developed their curriculum based on building & grade level student needs. Talking points include: getting buy in, collaboration with administrators & teachers, access to students, & working with the 3 domains: academic, college and career, and social-emotional development. Tips & suggestions will be shared!

Working Together to Meet the Behavioral Health Needs of Students

Lead Presenter: Cynthia Walley

Non-academic barriers to learning, such as emotional and behavioral issues, poverty, and family problems, often create significant difficulties in helping young people succeed in school. To answer that call, school training to meet the behavioral health needs of students is warranted. School Counseling training programs minimally cover behavioral health needs for children, adolescents, or transitional age youths or have few faculty with knowledge.

11:40 a.m. - 12:40 p.m. Breakout Session 6

Career Help For First-Generation Students with Disabilities

Lead Presenter: Jonique Childs

Counseling students with disabilities, in particular, comes with its own unique set of joys and challenges. The lack of understanding and education about intersecting identities of this population causes these students to fall through the cracks of the educational system, especially when it comes to post-secondary career help. Career counselors need to be prepared to work against the one-size-fits-all solutions in any method to career counseling.

Narcan Training Session

Lead Presenter: TBA

More details to come!

Place-Based Career Development in School Counseling

Lead Presenter: David Bright

Place-based career development practices empower students from rural, low-income, minority, and disadvantaged outcomes to understand the relevance of education to their home community. This presentation covers the tenets of place-based career development work and how a school counselor can incorporate these ideas into existing career development programming throughout the K-12 level.

Rebuilding Your Comprehensive School Counseling Program after the Pandemic

Lead Presenter: Tracy Jackson-Tapscott

Learn how to pick up the school counseling pieces, after two years of being in survival mode. Get back on track with comprehensive school counseling implementation. Revisit your existing data and determine how to create your next needs assessment.

Slumps, Burnout and the I Don’t Care Blues

Lead Presenter: Carol Miller

Feeling disconnected from your vision and purpose? Learn about burnout and slumps, discover the things that are getting in my way, and learn ways to strategize an action plan to take back your time, maximize your services and get you back on track.

Solution Focused Tools for Building Relationships

Lead Presenter: Erin Cusanno

Are you out of ideas for how to connect in meaningful ways with challenging students? Do you work with families who seem to face insurmountable challenges? Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or burned out? In this workshop, you will leave with practical solution-focused tools for how to build positive relationships with your most challenging children and/or families.

Student Athletes’ Mental Health

Lead Presenter: Summer Reiner

This presentation will examine the mental health of student athletes and present strategies for assisting student athletes to attend to mental wellness.

Supporting LGBTQ+ Students in Rural Schools

Lead Presenter: Ashley Hill

Supporting and providing safe spaces for our LGBTQ+ students is vital; doing so in a rural district can present its own challenges. We will discuss activities, programs, and tools you can implement to better support your LGBTQ+ students, staff members, families, and community!



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