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Welcome to the Virtual Product Showcase!

Welcome to the Virtual Product Showcase!

While hosting in-person product showcases might not be an option right now, we’ve created a Virtual Product Showcase platform so you can still connect with great content online. You’ll have an opportunity to explore the Online Bookstore (link below) with the personalized coupon code you will receive via email to your school account. Scroll down to read how to apply your coupon code, and then let’s go shopping! We are excited for you to jump in and start spending your generous coupon! And in a few weeks, you’ll get to have fun unboxing all your new resources!

With grateful appreciation to our Sponsor

Since 1933, The Barry Robinson Center has been improving the lives of children. As a premier nonprofit organization, we’re keenly focused on our mission that gives families hope. On our 32-acre campus in Norfolk, Virginia, we offer exceptional behavioral health residential treatment for military-connected youth ages 11 to 17. We have served families from 40 states and several other countries. Our residential program includes a medical team, mental health professionals, licensed and accredited school, and therapeutic recreational activities to provide holistic treatment for each child. Besides the residential program, our innovative community-based services include therapeutic foster care and outpatient services.



You should have received your personalized coupon code through your school email. Directions on how to use your coupon were also included in that email. Please follow these instructions carefully. 

Important notes:

  • This coupon expires Tuesday, September 6, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. EST.
  • This coupon cannot be used with other NCYI coupons.
  • This coupon cannot be used to purchase Bundles. This can be done through a separate transaction.
  • If the full coupon amount is not used the unused portion will be returned to your school district. It cannot be transferred or saved for a future transaction.
  • This coupon can only be used one time.
  • This coupon is only approved to be used with the email address sent to you.
If you have having technical difficulties see the tips on how to use your coupon below. If you continue to have problems please contact Robert Rabon at

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: Please use the email address attached to your coupon code exactly as it was listed in the email you received. Be aware your EMAIL ADDRESS is case sensitive.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Please use the coupon code assigned to your email address exactly as it was listed in the email you received. Be aware the COUPON CODE is also case sensitive.

IMPORTANT NOTE 3: If you plan to make additional purchases using a credit card or PayPal, please follow the instructions below carefully!

Here are the instructions on how to use your coupon. Please follow these instructions carefully.

  1. Have your coupon details handy (see email you received). Please do not share your coupon information with anyone. This code is unique to you and your email address.
  2. To start shopping, visit:    
  3. Look through the over 800 products and add your selections to the Cart.
    • Almost all items are available for purchase using your coupon. This includes Clearance items, Sets, and downloadable PDF Resource Bundles! The coupon however will not work for any of the physical product “Bundles.”
    • You are free to purchase more or less than value of your coupon. If you select items that in total are more than the value of your coupon, you can pay the difference with a credit card when you checkout.
  4. When you are finished shopping, view the Cart. (
    • Verify the contents of your cart and update as necessary.
    • Enter in your Coupon Code exactly as it was given to you on left and click “Apply Coupon.”
    • Scroll down to the Cart Totals and verify. Note your coupon code and discount will be displayed. You will also note that your order has Free Shipping.
    • Click the “Proceed to Checkout” button to pay with a credit card or one of the PayPal option buttons to pay with PayPal.
  5. On the Checkout page please fill out your address information. (
    • If you chose Proceed to Checkout on the previous Cart page, please fill in the Billing Address with your personal address. If you have chosen to purchase items that in total are more than the value of your coupon, please be sure the address you enter is the one linked with the credit card you use to pay the difference. Enter in the email address listed below. Your coupon code will not work if a different email address is entered.
    • If you chose one of the Paypal options, login to PayPal and follow the instructions. When you are redirected back to the NCYI Checkout page you will see that the Billing Address has been auto-filled. Make sure to “Edit Details” and update your email address to the one provided in the email. Your coupon code will not work if a different email address is entered. Also, double check the correct state is chosen.
    • Click the check box to Ship to a Different Address. Please enter your school name and address for the Shipping Address.
    • Scroll down and do a final check on the details of your order. Note that you will receive Free Shipping.
    • Check the box that you have read and agree to the website terms and conditions.
    • Click “Place Order.”
  6. A confirmation of your order will be sent to the email address you entered.

*Downloadable PDF Resource Bundles: Please note that if you order a downloadable PDF Resource Bundles the link to the Resource Bundle will be on the order confirmation screen after you submitted your order and sent in the email order confirmation as well.



Shopping is only a part of the fun! In a few weeks, you’ll be receiving your order. More details to come from your district supervisor.

We are excited for you to use these resources to impact children in your district!

We appreciate you!

Practical Guidance Resources Educators Can Trust

National Center for Youth Issues, or NCYI, is a national non-profit organization that publishes and distributes guidance resource materials for schools. In addition to publishing its own publications, NCYI represents over 40 different publishers of educational resources. They also provide training opportunities for educators through on-site training services, as well as regional and state-wide conferences.



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