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Elishia Basner


Elishia is the Founder of the School Counseling Tribe, an online platform that provides high-value resources to school counselors and parents to better support children. Elishia is passionate about empowering schools to create safe environments where all children can learn regardless of their trauma histories. Elishia has over 14 years of experience in counseling and education; she has a Master’s degree in the Science of School Counseling and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

In her 14+ year career in the helping profession, she has done everything from working as a school counselor for a decade with every grade level from pre-k through college, in-home counseling with children at risk of removal from social services, managing a 24/7 women’s crisis center, and teaching psychology to undergraduates. Elishia is an enthusiastic speaker who helps audiences connect to the information they need to help children thrive.

Elishia's Sessions

When students’ emotions are dysregulated, they cannot learn at their full potential and will distract others from learning. In this workshop, participants will learn why students lose control and discover twelve coping strategies that can be implemented immediately. Go back to your school able to teach tangible strategies that focus on awareness, self-reflection, and connection.   

How do you know if your school supports students who’ve experienced trauma? Jacob Ham, Ph.D., reviews the difference between a “learning brain” and a “survival brain” in his short YouTube video titled Understanding Trauma: Learning Brain vs. Survival Brain. While we all would prefer the Learning Brain, we don’t get to choose our students or their histories. This is why we must develop an environment that fosters the learning brain regardless of the trauma students have endured. How does your role influence that environment? Learn how you can create a trauma-informed school environment for your students. 

It can be a frightening experience when students lose control of their emotions, impacting the safety and well-being of everyone involved. This session will provide an overview of why students lose control of their emotions and what we, as adults, can do to respond in the moment to de-escalate the situation. Participants will learn proactive strategies to help children of all ages develop regulation and coping skills and avoid future crises.