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Jessica Sinarski


Jessica Sinarski, LPCMH equips parents and professionals to be healers for hurting children. Weaving userfriendly
brain science into everything she does, Jessica ignites both passion and know-how in audiences.
Extensive post-graduate training and 15+ years as a clinician, consultant, and parent educator led her to
create BraveBrains, a resource and training platform for home, school, and community. She is also the author
of the Riley the Brave picture books, What’s Inside Your Backpack?, and Hello, Anger.

Jessica partners with school districts and child welfare agencies across the country to better incorporate
effective trauma-sensitive practices into their work. She also shares her expertise as a contributor to
magazines, blogs, and podcasts. When not writing and training, she continues to work as a bilingual
therapist and clinical supervisor at an innovative adoption support agency.

Jessica's Sessions

The weight of stress, worry, and trauma can have lasting impacts on both body and brain. This shows up in every area of school life – from the classroom to the lunchroom to the staff lounge! Take some time to dig into your backpack and learn strategies to set aside the “books” you’re not meant to carry. Participants will learn concrete tools for lightening the emotional load for staff and students. Trauma-expert and author Jessica Sinarski weaves in the latest brain science to make this inspirational session a lasting change-maker!

While some students were able to stay home with safe caregivers to weather recent storms, others have experienced even more fear and chaos. This often leads to challenging behaviors that further disrupt opportunities to learn. Beginning from the foundation of Turnaround for Children’s well-researched “Building Blocks for Learning,” participants will interpret both staff and student behavior through a user-friendly brain-based framework. Discover new tools for helping students engage the calm, connected, and curious parts of their minds once again! This popular workshop can stand alone as a keynote or breakout session or provide a deeper dive in a 1- to 2-day professional development intensive.

With stress levels at an all-time high, educators need quick tools for self-regulation. Take some time to fill your tank with this experiential workshop and leave with practical tools for quickly calming mind and body. Participants will practice over 10 different activities for reducing dysregulation in both self and students. We will wrap up with a personalized plan for incorporating brain-boosting habits into hectic daily life.

Get past the dry data and learn how to apply the science that is transforming the world of education. Learn the difference between stress and trauma and how to get the most of your brain even when demands are high. Bring the science back to the classroom with methods for teaching students of all ages how the brain works, and why it matters! Practice strategies that help students calm themselves in stressful situations and keep kids and adults functioning their best.