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Amie Dean

National level Speaker and Consultant

Amie Dean, M.Ed., B.A. has worked in education for 28 years. She has experience teaching at all levels, and has taught both special and general education. She was with Fulton County Schools (GA) for ten years, four of which she provided support to teachers and students as the Student Support/ RTI Coordinator for her middle school. She holds a Master’s degree in Education and is Nationally Board Certified as an Exceptional Needs Specialist. With 28 years’ experience as an educator and 14 years as a professional consultant, Amie has worked with thousands of teachers, counselors and administrators in over 250 districts to improve best practices in behavior support, student engagement, and differentiated instruction. Amie has trained with Dr. Rick DuFour, Dr. Kay Burke, Dr. Spencer Kagan, Dr. Ruby Payne, and many others. Amie is also an author of many books, including Your Happy Heart, There’s No Dream Too Tall, and 15-Minute Focus: Behavior Interventions: Strategies for Educators, Counselors, and Parents and accompanying Workbook.


's Sessions

Do you have a plan for what you will do when a student doesn’t comply with your request the first time? Second time? How about the third time? Do you go home tired and exhausted from frustration? This presentation will guide you in developing a thorough, preventative plan for handling issues from low level distractions to serious/chronic behaviors. This is a practical, hands-on presentation filled with concrete steps you can use the next day to help students and yourself.

Like many of you, I have had classes, and often students, which led me to think, “How will I make it this year?” I have spent my career as a classroom teacher searching for and learning which strategies work with students. My only criteria: positive and practical! This session is designed for teachers who believe that every student has a gift to offer the world. We have to find ways to help them realize it.

Do your teachers have strategies for building respectful learning communities in their classrooms? How can they help students feel the 3 C’s – Connected, Capable, and Contributing without giving up too much instructional time? In this session, participants will be introduced to two methods that are proven to build positive classroom communities – Responsive Classroom and Tribes.

In today’s classrooms, more and more students are living in or recovering from trauma and chronic stress. Many educators feel overwhelmed and unprepared to deal with the behaviors that are a result of these situations children are facing. This session will provide participants with concrete strategies that can be implemented in classrooms to support students by building relationships, trust, and teaching coping strategies.