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Andrea Burston

Technology Advisor, Writer and Counselor

Andrea Burston is a former high school computer/technology teacher turned elementary school counselor. She is the school counselor for Wake County Public Schools working at JY Joyner IB Magnet Elementary School in Raleigh, NC. Andrea is also the writer of the jyjcounselor blog ( where she shares her enjoyment of her career as well as many counselor ideas with school counselors from all over the world. She loves using technology and is always looking for new and innovative ways to integrate technology into her school counseling program. Andrea has presented at various conferences and workshops on using technology in counseling programs.


's Sessions

Learn how to effectively plan and implement individual minute meetings with your students. Minute meetings provide each student one-on-one time with their school counselor while allowing you to collect useful data for your school counseling program. Examples will be shared to reach students on various grade levels.

Learn helpful technology tools such as Google Tools, online storage tools and online communication tools that will simplify and enhance your comprehensive school counseling program. For a more hands on approach, participants are encouraged to bring laptops, iPads, tablets and any other WiFi capable electronic devices to this exciting and interactive session.

Calling all school counselor book lovers! Learn strategies to plan, create and implement a school counselor led book club with your students. Book clubs are a great small group activity to connect and discuss with students on counseling related issues such as friendship, transition and family dynamics. Book suggestions will be share and are welcomed from attendees.

Whether you’re in your 1st or 21st year of school counseling things are constantly changing. Learn tips and best practices in creating and implementing a comprehensive school counseling program. Tips include creative ways to connect with stakeholders, getting organized and securing funding for counselor programs. Join this helpful and interactive session with tools you will be able to implement immediately!