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Ashley Wright

Speaker and School Counselor

Born and raised in Houston, TX, Ashley Wright has been an educator since 2008. She graduated from Sam Houston State University and currently serves as a certified school counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Her experience as an elementary classroom teacher helped her realize students were having endless challenges dealing with home, school, and peers. Inspired to serve more students, she became a school counselor, connecting with them both at school and in the community. This role allowed her to provide broader social-emotional support, equipping students with tools to build resilience and stronger relationships.

Ashley’s commitment to fostering inclusive and comprehensive educational programs has made a significant impact on countless students, families, and educators at the national level. Her exemplary efforts were recognized when she was honored as a 2022 American School Counselor of the Year Finalist and the 2021 Texas School Counselor of the Year. She is also the author of Passion, Purpose, and Position: Reignite Your Passion, Deepen Your Calling, and Lead Positive Change. In addition to school counseling, Ashley serves as a national speaker and advocate of the profession to teach students and educators to embrace diversity, increase self-esteem, build character, and maintain resilience. It is her divine belief that “Every human being has the unlimited potential to make positive change in one’s life.”


's Sessions

Tired? Burned out? Overwhelmed? Let’s Review, Reflect, and Reform! These powerful three words can influence you as a leader and create positive change within yourself and your school setting. It starts with you! As a leader, you need to know your worth and what’s at stake! When you use the power within yourself that you truly possess to lead and make new change, you can push through any type of adversity. Come and be rejuvenated, as this session will help empower you to move forward with a clear mind and vision for your campus.

Are you an educator feeling stuck in a rut? Do you yearn for a sense of purpose in your work? “Passion. Purpose. Position” – a call to action for educators to unleash their unique gifts and transform their communities. Join Ashley for an inspiring keynote session where you’ll discover how to harness your passion, find your purpose, and position yourself as a change agent in education.

When you identify your strengths and align them with your goals, you’ll truly discover the impact you can have in your school and beyond, and leave a legacy with every individual you encounter. Become transformed and motivated to make a difference in the lives of your students, staff, and community.

In a world where communication is key, it is important that we not only create relationships, but work to maintain positive relationships when challenges occur. Conversations can be difficult whether it’s addressing behavior issues with a student or navigating disagreements with colleagues and stakeholders. These conversations can be uncomfortable and even tense, but avoiding them only leads to bigger problems. We will explore strategies to approach difficult conversations with empathy and openness, and techniques to maintain healthy relationships even in challenging situations. These practical tools and real-life examples, will leave you feeling empowered to tackle any conversation with confidence, and build stronger connections with those around you.


As parents, we all want to raise healthy and resilient children who can navigate life’s challenges with confidence. What happens when we, as parents, face our own struggles and challenges? How can we maintain a positive relationship with our children while also taking care of ourselves? Resilience plays a vital role in helping build stronger family systems and relationships. It directly impacts our children’s well-being. In this session, you’ll learn to view the world through the eyes of your child, and connect with them on a deeper level, even in the face of challenging circumstances. Discover the power of resilience, and how you can cultivate it within yourself and your family for raising healthy, resilient children.

In today’s ever-changing and challenging world, resilience is a key ingredient for success, especially in academic and social settings. As school counselors, we have a responsibility to foster resilience in our students, and be intentional with measuring their success with the tools/strategies we provide. It is important that your counseling lessons are designed to collaborate with students, staff, and parents. Discover how data-driven strategies can positively impact all students, closing achievement gaps and creating resilient learners who excel academically and socially. This session will equip you with practical tools and techniques to integrate resilience-building activities into your counseling sessions and empower your students to overcome adversity.

Having to start or refresh a school counseling program and not sure where to start? Whether you’re a seasoned counselor or new to the field, this session will provide innovative tools/strategies to better serve your students and staff. Join us for an exciting session where we’ll explore the key components of a data-driven, comprehensive counseling program. Discover how to effectively advocate for your program, build positive relationships with stakeholders, and enrich your school community.