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Dianne Acuña Andree

Professional School Counselor, Trainer, and Consultant

Dianne Andree, Ed.S., M.S., B.A., is a dynamic and energetic speaker and trainer who brings 25+ years of mental health experience to the stage. Dianne served as a school counselor at the elementary level in a rural and suburban setting, as well as a charter faculty member of a high school counseling team, before becoming the director of Counseling and Advisement in Gwinnett County Public Schools, where she served for 11 years. Dianne then moved to City Schools of Decatur, an urban charter system, where she supported school counselors and spearheaded the Decatur Student Center, a pre-K through 12th wraparound services program. Dianne has a deep understanding of the needs of school districts for student support, including comprehensive school counseling, mental health wraparound services and crisis planning and response.


's Sessions

Dianne defines the what, how and why of burnout and provides simple strategies to improve your health and wellbeing. Dianne brings 25+ years of mental health experience to the stage, and speaks, from experience, about knowing when you are on the brink of burnout and how to turn it around.

Length: 50 minutes to 1 hour. Adaptable to meet the group’s needs.

This interactive workshop allows participants to understand the causes and symptoms of burnout. Participants will learn their early warning signs of burnout and strategies to prevent the blaze. The workshop also supports community building.

Dianne brings nearly two decades of experience in crisis response. This training provides an overview of effective crisis response in schools. It explores the complexity of response in schools, considerations, areas for advocacy and the critical need for, and most often overlooked, follow up plans. This training also includes the importance of care for the caregivers.

DISC and Motivators helps maximize strengths and identify areas where your team can grow. This training is fun and interactive, builds bonds and improves communication and effectiveness. Members of your team complete these research based assessments.  The group debriefing improves the effectiveness of teams by deepening the understanding of how and why individuals on your team behave the way they do.