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Emily Goodman-Scott

National Level Speaker and Consultant

Dr. Emily Goodman-Scott is an Associate Professor in Counselor Education and the School Counseling Coordinator at Old Dominion University, in Virginia. As a previous school counselor and special education teacher, Dr. Goodman-Scott has been in education for nearly 15 years. She was a 2018 recipient of the Top 40 Under 40 award for her region, and served on the Virginia School Counselor Association board for 10 years, including most recently as Chair of the Board (2019-2020). She enjoys speaking at national conferences, invited state association workshops, and school districts trainings.

Dr. Goodman-Scott is the lead editor of the 2019 book A School Counselor’s Guide to Multi-tiered Systems of Support, and more recently an author of the 2020 book published by the American School Counselor Association, Making MTSS Work. She has co-authored the I Can series of children’s social stories. You can follow her on Twitter: e_goodmanscott and SchCouns4MTSS; and Facebook: School Counselors for MTSS.

Feedback from attendees from conferences/presentations/district professional developments:

  • This was the best session I went to this conference. I could have gone to a whole day training on this subject. Thank you for the work
    you do on MTSS. I can’t wait to read your book!
  • Awesome information! Worth every minute!
  • Excellent presentation. Thank you for allowing us to dialogue with each other and hear what others are doing in their school.
  • Dr. Goodman-Scott is an excellent presenter who takes time to listen while she is presenting. She also shows respect for her audience
    through listening to their concerns. She explains well and we appreciate her coming to speak to elementary school counselors today.
  • Down to earth and “useable” info


's Sessions

2020 has been a challenging time across our country, and school counselors are navigating a new world of virtual school counseling, and students struggling with grief, loss, trauma, and social unrest. In this session, Dr. Goodman-Scott will provide strategies for school counselors using a trauma-informed, SEL lens, including both virtual and face-to-face modalities.

While school counselors typically learn about solution-focused and motivational interviewing techniques in graduate school, come to this session to learn advanced methods you can use ASAP! Come ready for videos, role plays, and some solution-focused, motivational fun!

Is MTSS (PBIS/RTI) currently implemented in your school? Is your school considering implementation? Would you like to learn more? MTSS is widely implemented throughout the country and school counselors are often an integral part of implementation. Come to this session to discover the alignment between MTSS and Comprehensive School Counseling Programs (e.g., the ASCA National Model), gaining strategies to maximize your efforts. Work smarter, not harder. The presenter will share school-based examples for implementation and alignment. Presentations can be adapted to provide content on specific tiers, such as Tier 1 prevention.

We screen students for academics, vision, and hearing… but what about mental health and social/emotional protective factors? Universal screening, the systematic screening of every student for given criteria, is increasingly used in our schools across the country, often as part of MTSS/PBIS. Come learn more about universal screening, including how to get started and commonly used assessments. Hear about other schools’ implementation, and leave with a plan for how to begin.

Are you overwhelmed with high caseloads? Are you constantly putting out professional fires? Are you taxed with too many work responsibilities? Who’s got time for prevention? Come to this session to get real about prevention. Bully-prevention, substance abuse prevention, drop-out prevention: what do they all have in common? And where do you start? In this session you will learn the key tenets to prevention, and how you can start implementing these strategies in your school.

Students who identify on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum have alarmingly high rates of bullying, suicide, and homelessness, which impacts their well-being and school success. This session will highlight practical suggestions for creating an inclusive school for all students, particularly highlighting strategies geared toward inclusivity for students who identify as LGBTQIA+.

Our PK-12 schools recommend classroom management strategies for teachers, but what about school counselors? The presenter will describe evidence-based classroom management strategies recommended by the U.S. Department of Education and aligned with the ASCA National Model, specifically for school counselors. Come to this interactive, practical session to revolutionize your classroom management, gaining tools you can implement immediately. Hear how other school counselors have used these strategies in their own school counseling programs.

Social stories are a data-driven, evidence-based practice that can be used with a variety of student concerns, ranging from autism to anxiety… but how do you create them? Come to this interactive session to learn five quick steps to write and implement social stories. We’ll also discuss common apps and technology that can assist. You’ll leave this session with practical tools you can use tomorrow.