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Julia Cook

National Level Speaker, Award-Winning Author, Educator and Former School Counselor

Julia Cook, M.S. is a national award-winning children’s author, counselor, and parenting expert. She has presented in thousands of schools nationally and internationally, regularly speaks at education and counseling conferences, and has published almost one hundred children’s books on a wide range of character and social development topics. The goal behind Cook’s work is to actively involve young people in fun, memorable stories and teach them to become lifelong problem solvers. Inspiration for her books comes from working with children and carefully listening to counselors, parents, and teachers, in order to stay on top of needs in the classroom and at home. Cook has the innate ability to enter the worldview of a child through storybooks, giving children both the “what to say” and the “how to say it.”


's Sessions

School counselors live in GIVE GIVE GIVE world! In order to survive, we must take care of ourselves. In this interactive, uplifting, fun-filled talk, Julia Cook identifies the key ingredients of mental wellness. She will also offer effective strategies for building and maintaining well-being. Enjoy listening as you grow STRONGER TOGETHER! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… but most important you will walk away with tools you can use for a lifetime of healthy!

According to the World Health Organization, the definition of mental wellness is living in a state of well-being in which people:

  • realize their own abilities
  • are capable of coping with the stresses of life
  • can work productively and fruitfully
  • can make contributions to their community

When you work in the kid-building world…this is a tall order to maintain!

Are you a Friday school counselor or a Monday school counselor? Friday school counselors can’t wait to get out of the building at the end of the week, while Monday school counselors can’t wait to get back to school after the weekend.

Joy may be one of the biggest differentiating factors.

The demands on school counselors often feels overwhelming. Each day we are confronted with behavioral issues, inequity, suicidal ideation, and diversity challenges…and that’s on top of working with students on future career options and post-secondary education, and keeping track of all the data and documentation. Meanwhile, student mental health issues are on the rise. It can be an easy recipe for discouragement and overload.

When the school counseling tidal wave begins to swell, how do you stand strong and continue to pour out the
encouragement, wisdom, and support your students need?

In this heartfelt, engaging talk, Julia Cook shares what it’s taken her years to figure out. Happiness is momentary, but Joy is a constant state of contentment that is not shifted by the chaos around us. Through stories and practical steps, Julia teaches us how to shift our thinking and actions so that we can:

  • Move from looking for temporary happiness to finding long-term joy
  • Develop a process for self-care that inhibits burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Inspire others to find their own inner joy
  • Be a school counselor who looks forward to Mondays
  • Joy is the magic that shifts perspectives and helps us maintain passion and purpose, even in the hard seasons.

Joy is the gift that keeps on giving…to you and everyone around you. In this special talk from Julia, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry… and you’ll leave with a plan for growing in joy, finding fresh meaning in your work, and supporting those who need you most.

The most tragic thing a person can lose is their hope. Without hope, despair takes over. Without hope…a child becomes hopeless. Hopeless children don’t try, have poor relationships with others, and feel helpless. In terms of resilience and well being, hope is a critically important predictor of success. Research tells us that by the time children are 10 years old, they have maximized the amount of hope instilled in their minds. This poses two very unique challenges for parents, teachers, and counselors…How do we help children increase their amount of hope prior to the age of 10, and how do we help them maximize their hope potential after the age of 10. In this research-based, humor infused keynote, Julia Cook explores the components of hope, discusses the results of the Hope Scale for Children, defines the differences between hope and optimism, and presents a blueprint for maximizing hope growth and potential in children, teens and adults.

“Hope is our children’s window for a better tomorrow!” Ready…Get “MIND SET”…GROW!

How do we accomplish the great task of teaching our kids the BIG LIST of everything they need to know and succeed in life when they believe that all of their needs are being met through screen time? How do we teach our kids online safety? How do we allow technology to add to our children’s life as opposed to taking from it? How do we create an environment where kids genuinely “want it” more than we want it for them?

In her research-based keynote, Julia takes a look at how creative world-class parents and educators are answering these questions and helping children thrive with strength and confidence in their ever-changing world!

In Julia’s presentation, Unlearning Helplessness: Motivating the Underachiever, she shares how underachieving occurs when students have a significant gap between their abilities, and what they achieve in school. In this interactive session, she will discuss the four types of underachievers, explore the characteristics and causes of underachieving, and present effective solutions that can reverse this problem.

In Julia’s presentation, School Counselor/Educator’s Survival Kit, she’ll use common objects to give counselors and educators tips on how to navigate each and every day successfully. A simple item – such as a toothpick – helps remind you to “pick” out the good qualities in everyone… including yourself. What about a “tissue?” A tissue helps remind you to dry someone’s tears – maybe your own – and be aware of the tears of others. You’ll laugh and learn as Julia shares her stories and many insightful tips.

In Julia’s presentation, Books That Make a Positive Difference, she leads an entertaining discussion on the use of storybooks to offer children and adults a fun way to learn important people skills. Teach your students to become lifelong problem solvers! Julia will demonstrate humorous and effective ways to use books on such subjects as anger control, grief, following instructions, tattling, bullying, personal space, interrupting, and personal safety. The writing and publishing process will also be explained – learn to become a published author!