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Kathryn Everest

National Level Speaker and Counselor

Kathryn Everest has been the Director of Guidance and Counseling for the Fort Worth Independent School District for over twenty years. She provides leadership and program management for 240 professional school counselors. Kathryn, appointed by Governor Rick Perry to serve on the State Board for Educators Certification, was instrumental in pushing for revisions in the TAC for more rigorous requirements for school counselor certification. She was recognized as Texas’ Counseling Supervisor of the Year and is recognized for her innovative and comprehensive implementation of crisis response in schools and communities. For her work in the area of “wellness” on a national level, Kathryn was chosen “Great Woman of Texas – A Woman of Influence”. Everest is recognized as one of the best in her field as Kathryn’s wide range of experiences, coupled with her own unique perspective and insight intuitively and strategically addresses today’s ever changing issues as an advocate for students.


's Sessions

Stress, strife – life in general takes a toll on our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being. Technology, global connectedness, media saturation and the supersonic pace in today’s world is impacting our workforce, our homes and our children.

Learn about the onslaught of unintentional, indirect stress and potentially harmful stress reactions. Most importantly, discover ways to mitigate these damaging stress reactions. Why Are My Car Keys in the Refrigerator? is a workshop designed to teach ways to build a foundation of personal wellness for a healthy, creative and productive learning community! Discover ways to embrace wellness for you, your family, your schools and communities.

Get up, dress up, and show up! Get Out of the Middle of the Pack! In times of strife or uncertainty, it is easy to beat yourself up – to think you’re not good enough, not fast enough, not smart enough… not enough. It is easy to forget we are ALL born with potential – and lots of it. What seems difficult, at times, is remembering this potential for greatness lies within us all. To “get out of the middle of the pack” means to shed “average” and to release “mediocrity” by being the best you! Using words of inspiration from great thinkers who have recognized their potential and combining tips for mindful wellness this presentation is a reminder and an inspiration for those who have forgotten amidst the daily bump and grind, how to realize their power within called potential.