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Shawna Griffin

Behavior Specialist and Educator

Shawna Griffin began her career in education in 2003. Since her start as a classroom teacher, she has held positions as a PBIS District Director and District Behavior Interventionist. Shawna believes that a team approach is vital in creating the best educational environment for all learners. School staff, students, and caregivers who work together to create and routinely monitor plans they’ve created help students succeed. Shawna blends her teaching experiences with the latest research to share practical tools and strategies with educators and administrators to meet the needs of all students. Her credentials include Ed.S. in Special Education Leadership, Licensed Restorative Practices Trainer through the International Institute of Restorative Practices and Certified Trauma & Resilience Practitioner for Education through STARR Commonwealth.


's Sessions

This session will equip you with effective and practical behavior interventions, strategies, and techniques that work! Topics include: 16 Proactive Strategies, understanding why misbehavior happens and strategies to de-escalate in tense moments.

This session provides schools with an Overview of PBIS, guides your team through the critical elements of school wide PBIS and provides planning time to design your PBIS plan.

Restorative Practices is a classroom community framework that emphasizes relationships, cooperation, and accountability. This session will focus on a general overview and explanation of Restorative Practices, how to use restorative language strategies and the impact of those strategies. It will also provide information and hands-on examples of how to use proactive and restorative circles in classrooms. Each Restorative Practices session will be embedded with practical examples and interventions that staff will be able to implement and use after the session. There will also be time given to plan to work as a team to develop a functional implementation plan.

Very few of our current teacher preparation programs have complete courses in handling challenging behaviors. This session is designed to provide administrators with practical and effective strategies to use as training tools while supporting teachers that may be struggling with classroom management.

Morning meetings are used as a way to establish & maintain community throughout the year as well as an intentional time to focus on social, emotional and behavioral skills daily. This session is an interactive look at the 4 parts of Morning Meetings and time to design, create and lead a sample morning meeting.

This session will explore the impact of trauma, ACES, and discuss ways to implement trauma-informed practices. Also, the importance of resilience, a brief look at the brain science of escalation and de-escalation and specific de-escalation & resilience focused strategies.

Effective classroom management and positive school climate can be established quickly and consistently if we have a plan to address three core issues: establishing and maintaining community, handling conflict within that community and implementing consistent and effective consequences to maintain order and restore relationships. This interactive session will provide participants with the information and resources needed to implement strategies focused on community, conflict and consequences.